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Strange internet mystery –

The web is home to several unusual, bizarre and secretive sites. One of the most notorious and charming destinations to show up on the web was the incredible MORTIS.COM.

The site was first found by a 4chan client who was interested about an obscure site that facilitated terabytes of information on its server.

On it depressing highly contrasting landing page was a straightforward login structure requesting only a username/secret phrase login.

4chan clients being 4chan clients started contributing the site, and attempted to decide its motivation. Rapidly they set up the space was enlisted to a Thomas (Tom) Ling, who had likewise other unusual and secretive areas and sites enrolled under his name.

Perhaps the most bizarre site adjacent to the Mortis site, was called, which just had a solitary page whereupon was composed the words “dead however dreaming” in white on a dark foundation, and that’s it. There were no different pages, no bearings, no clarification, and nothing at all to tap on.

Truth be told, over twelve different sites were connected to and Tom Ling. Another of his sites simply had a white chess piece and that’s it.

Concerning Usenet records were found to be connected back to the site, that were evidently scrambled with secret key security and had unusual titles. A large number of the document sizes were tremendous with one of the greatest being 39gb in size. This clearly got 4chan clients energized, and made them wonder exactly what this site was covering up.

As enthusiasm for the site rose, It was accounted for that Thomas Ling evidently came out and said that the site was only for his wedding photographs and that’s it. True to form, this did was immediate individuals to work much harder to traverse the login page and find for themselves what was truly going on. Individuals additionally discovered other extremely unusual associations, for example, the site being connected to discharge empty parts and distribution centers and individuals who were recorded as having something to do with the site were completely perished.

This energized hypothesis that this site was a front for something considerably more vile.

The site was likewise, from different records from individuals who attempted to hack in, exceptionally hard to move beyond the login screen and that the site was very much ensured.

For various months both reddit and 4chan followed different leads – these included connects to a dental specialist administration, a connect to an attorney, and potentially verification was utilized as a film/TV sharing site. This would clarify the enormous records and a portion of the document names appeared to be like new film discharges. The site likewise had a media player implanted inside its code, again prompting theory the site was being utilized to have motion pictures.

At last it was found that Ling lived in Sydney, Australia, was an advanced media originator, who possessed various sites, put away on a server in Philadelphia, with associations with an overnight boardinghouse in a remote piece of Washington express, a security organization and what resembled a video sharing gathering on Usenet.

But – it was false ! Since it before long happened that Thomas Ling, in Australia was not the Thomas Ling from who was followed to a location that was a vacant part, and that’s it.

At that point it was asserted by a 4chan client that was only some bizarre site that had a client/secret key thing to enter. They guaranteed they had discovered the site was made in 1997~ and had a pic of an organization pennant from World of Warcraft… which was made in 2003+, not ’97. The organization individuals wouldnt talk about it, they wouldnt state anything. He additionally guaranteed, somebody obviously moved beyond the first login page and found another client/secret phrase was expected to go further.

So indeed, it was unusual, yet clearly the whole site was utilized for gaming organizations since the late 90s, and at some point in the late 2000’s was changed to a film facilitating site.

It likewise found Thomas Ling had enlisted spaces for his family.

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