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Stopping time: this is what would happen if it were possible

An interesting video was posted on the YouTube channel What If concerning the possibility of stopping time, a possibility that we have seen in some movie or episode of a science fiction television series.
What if it were really possible to stop the inexorable passage of time? Unfortunately, the answer dictated by reality and physics as we know it is very different from that, perhaps much more fun, that can be observed in fiction.

Stop time: it is impossible

First of all, in order for a person to be able to stop time around him, he would have to move faster than the speed of light, which is currently thought not possible. In general, stopping time following the laws of physics as we know it today is essentially impossible.
Such an action would go against the main equations of physics, in particular those concerning space and time, which scientists have painstakingly demonstrated over the years.

What if it was possible to pause time?

However, let’s assume that it is possible: a person manages to stop time around him to see what happens. If such an individual were able to stop time, he would unfortunately also be unable to see anything.
This is because the photons that should reach his eyes would be stationary, suspended indefinitely in the air.

The same goes for the sound: the character in question would in fact also be unable to hear because the sound waves would form in mid-air, suspended in time.
The individual would be literally trapped among the billions of molecules that surround him and would not even be able to move. Moving itself would still be the least of his problems since he would not even be able to breathe (the oxygen molecules, too, would be stationary in mid-air and would not be able to enter his lungs).

What if the subject were closed inside a bubble?

However, let’s say that the being in question managed to stop time by remaining inside a space-time bubble dedicated to him in order to survive and to use his senses to try to observe what surrounds him.
Also in this case the news is no better: the individual in question would not be able to see or hear anything that is outside his bubble for the same previous speech.

A hypnotic trip

His brain would not be able to decode any information coming from the photons because in this case his eyes would be able to perceive only the photons that move inside his bubble.
The reality around him would be strongly faded, faded and indistinct, as in a sort of hypnotic trip caused by a drug. Nothing particularly funny or interesting, then.

What if time slows down?

What if instead of stopping time the guy inside the bubble slowed it down? Also in this case the reality that would appear very strange to him and everything he would be able to see would fall within the infrared microwaves: basically his eyes would not be able to see anything. Same goes for the sound waves: his ears would not be able to perceive the sound whose waves would now be greatly reduced in terms of frequency, to a level that human beings could not perceive.

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