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Stop Thinking You Are Not Worth It

Stop thinking you’re not up to it.

Stop thinking you’re not wanted.

Stop thinking he won’t want you. That it’s impossible for me to want you.

These tips are addressed to everyone, but especially to men. This country is full of beautiful and intelligent women who remain alone, because every man thought that “she is so beautiful and intelligent that she will never want me”.

It is in this way that the disconnection between people and between the sexes is amplified and, from initial perceptual error, it becomes exponential. This is how we lose each other forever. But above all, it is in this way that we lose life.

We lose real life, preferring to live in the trenches. As if a life on the defensive was necessarily more pleasant than risking no and yes, living in full vulnerability and sharing our human vulnerability with others. They all have it.

Stop thinking you’re out of the game.

That there should always be another person in your place. A better man, who exists only in your imagination. Or a woman better than you, while you keep forgetting that none of us are replaceable and that our uniqueness is what makes us all gold nuggets.

Stop the thought of not being enough.

In this way, you are depriving the other person of the possibility of knowing you. You are depriving the other person of your light and, since your light is unique, the loss you inflict is priceless.

Stop betraying what you’ve heard.

Stop waiting, there is only the present. The same train will never return, the same gust of wind, the exact same situation, never, in the whole universe.

Stop underestimating yourself.

Stop avoiding participation. This disconnection is only the result of your fears, of course, but it even becomes selfish, if you think that you take yourself away from others.

Try to think about the damage that would occur in nature if most of the flowers refused to show themselves openly, for fear of being rejected, of not being beautiful enough, fragrant, harmonious, inside and out.

Try to think of the damage that would occur if a large number of bees decided not to come out into the open, if the wheat did not have the courage to risk the light, if most of the birds mutinied in the nest and decided that the flight does not for them, which is not possible, that they will not be good enough.

Feeling yourself unworthy robs the world of your fullness and your exclusive beauty. Maintains the state of separation. Ruin the games. It makes the world more serious and more bored. Break perennial cycles.

Can you realize your importance? How important it is that you live fully, that you manifest what you feel in all your sincerity, that you overcome hesitations and embarrassments that have nothing to do with your essence and your truth?

So please. Stop thinking you’re not up to it. Start showing up and exporting.

Stop thinking you’re not wanted. Start wishing and giving yourself. The rest doesn’t matter that much.

Stop thinking he won’t want you. That it’s impossible for me to want you. Countless women have waited for your step, but it never came. And, in turn, they were not brave enough and enough flower, wheat, swallow to find the courage to connect first.

You begin to realize that you occupy a space and that doing so is important.

You begin to realize that whatever you decide or not decide, you still leave an impression.

Begin to think that you are loved at three hundred and sixty-five degrees in the shadows, open eyes that you have never opened and begin to see.

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