Split – a masterpiece of tension and acting | plot and review

“Split” is certainly one of the most particular and best successful thrillers of recent years. Here’s everything you need to know about the amazing movie …

“Split” is a 2016 psychological thriller film, directed and scripted by M. Night Shyamalan and loosely based on the story of the criminal and psychopath Billy Milligan. The cast includes a stunning James McAvoy as the dangerous psychopath and actresses Anya Taylor-Joy, Jessica Sula, Haley Lu Richardson and Betty Buckley in the other lead roles. The director himself subsequently shot a sequel to the film entitled “Glass”, an operation that connects the film to another of his previous works, “Unbreakable”: the three works are therefore part of a real trilogy.


Casey is an unpopular girl who is kept on the sidelines but, for once, she can share an experience with two of the most “hotties” of the school: being kidnapped by a dangerous maniac, who has a personality disorder so intense that she has numerous different personalities by gender, age and many other characteristics; in taking over, these personalities manage to give him slightly different physical characteristics. The supreme personality, however, has not yet manifested: it is the most dangerous of all and the girls absolutely must be able to escape before it manifests itself.

“Split” rating – review of the movie

“Split” is a very intriguing film already because of its basic plot, which nevertheless has a not just objective: to find an actor who is able to play thirty roles in one, to pass suddenly from one place to another. ‘to each other, to give physical evidence of the highest level in front of the camera. The choice of the director falls on James McAvoy, and the decision turns out to be very wise: a wonderful and immensely talented actor, James performs one of the best acting performances of the current decade with a very difficult role, becoming the main key to success of the film – after his same synopsis, of course. The rest of the cast is also excellent, and in particular the female protagonist Anya Taylor-Joy, interpreter of a profound character who will demonstrate how the effects of trauma are not the same for everyone.

For his part, Shyamalan also does a great job for the almost total duration of the film: script and direction are flawless in the moments of action – in those in which the cruelty of the story must emerge, in the flashbacks and in showing Casey’s thoughts; in these moments the rhythm of “Split” is perfect, capable of enhancing the story in all respects. However, a mistake is made in giving excessive space to the moments of explanation of the pathology of which the psychopath protagonist is the effect: very long “explanations” are certainly not something that goes along with pressing films like this, and such moments of saccenza after a bit annoying. However, this aspect is forgiven in light of all the rest: “Split” is truly a worthy film, which all lovers of psychological thrillers should watch.

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