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Spark, Muriel – Memento Mori

“Momento mori” is the third novel composed by the English creator Muriel Flash (initially from Scotland). The tale was distributed in 1959.

The book is about death and feebleness, with a commonly Old English Saxon tone and way of composing.

The tale starts with the upsetting climate of a thrill ride: a few group begin to get mysterious calls intermittently in which they are told “Remember you have to die”.

The main phone casualties of the obscure molester are Lettie Colston, a woman in the crown, her sibling Godfrey, a resigned previous industrialist, and his significant other Charmian, a popular author. Every one of the three are older or extremely old, and every one of them responds distinctively to calls. The epic before long gets choral, in light of the fact that around this focal core of characters start to turn family members, companions and workers (we are in the English high society), no one with under seventy years, whose shared connections lead us to find the errors and the ambiguities that have portrayed, in the previous many years, the evidently loving and officially right connections between the different characters, really made of quelled abhorrences, of affection and treachery tracing all the way back to the early long stretches of the century, of unconfessable indecencies and shakedown. Throughout history, numerous characters will kick the bucket, the vast majority of them because of regular causes and nobody in view of the baffling individual who calls.

However, soon the novel takes on a more amusing and light meaning: every one of the heroes is wrestling with the physical and even mental sicknesses old enough, and this feeble state, depicted with light remorselessness by Flash, conditions their being and their approach to identify with others. For instance, Charmian, the essayist who has not composed for quite a long time, is by all accounts losing her memory and this disturbs her better half specifically; Godfrey is presently diminished to fulfill what survives from his past sexual hungers by paying a young lady to show him her thighs; the reliable servant and woman of Charmian organization is currently compelled to live in the geriatric division of a clinic, in the organization of a gathering of contender individuals more than eighty; the suspicious Lady Lettie ceaselessly changes her will every once in a while associating either with her companions to be the puzzling telephone harasser


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