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Soul mate, does it really exist?

Yes, we all have one, but we may not find it in this life. The soul mate is a spirit with which we have a kind of tacit and invisible spiritual agreement, it is half of our spirit that we have known for thousands of years and with whom we have already shared several lives. Some of you will meet your soul mate during this life and others will not, because we do not always reincarnate together and simultaneously.

The reason? We assume that throughout our existence we reincarnate several times with the ultimate goal of learning and growing. There are situations in which soul mates have different things to learn, so they “temporarily” take different paths and decide to plan everything without closing in on themselves. This may be the case of a soul who must learn to appreciate and live with loneliness in order to feel good about herself and manage her relationships in a healthy way, or in the event that a soul decides to have a positive experience. of others without sacrificing their soul mate.

The souls who meet on earth instead, once they have found each other, will share time together and give life to a relationship, often romantic. People are frequently surprised when they meet their soul mate as this does not always correspond to their expectations. The soul mate could come in the form of a race, a religion or even a sex other than the one expected. There may be a big age difference between you and your other half, but this is not an insurmountable problem if unconditional love and understanding are the basis of such a relationship.

How will you find your soul mate?

You have to look for it and by this I mean that you have to lead an active lifestyle: go out and dedicate yourself to the activities you like and make you feel good about yourself, do something different every day and when the time is right you will find it. Your soul mate will not come knocking on your door saying “Hi, I am your soul mate”, on the contrary, there is a good chance that you will meet her in bizarre situations and when you least expect it. Our spirit guides always work to try to make us meet the soul mate and some people even manage to see her in a dream before meeting her physically; in other cases third parties, unbeknownst to them, can act as catalysts and you will be sucked into a strong whirlwind of emotions at the mere hearing of the name of your soulmate to which you cannot give a rational explanation. Do not underestimate another fundamental aspect: you will meet your soul mate only and when you will be “at peace with what you are”.

This means that you will only meet your half when you are comfortable with yourself, regardless of the challenges that life has given you. In order to really get in tune with a person, you must have untied all your emotional knot because, if your emotional part is still weak and needs to be taken care of and looked after, your unconscious will tend to cling to a whole series of situations in which not love will develop but a kind of addiction.

How will you recognize your soul mate?

You will simply know that you have met her, you will feel it on the skin and in the deepest part of your heart. Some soul mates have known each other for years before realizing that they are each other’s mirror, while others recognize each other from the first moment they meet. You will have the feeling of having found another part of yourself. You will experience a physical attraction for your soul mate even if sometimes it may not be immediate, or your he / she may not correspond to the beauty standards idealized in your imagination. In any case, the physical aspect will be in the background because what you will really fall in love with is the energy that keeps you tied as with an invisible thread. You and your soulmate can be completely different or completely the same from a character point of view, sometimes you may not be in harmony and can not stand, but in the depths of your hearts you will continue to feel that deep bond that will remind you that you can no longer to be without each other: you will have found the other half of yourself.

Regardless of the character nuances, your spirits are similar, which is why you are soul mates. Soul mates are loyal, so if your partner cheated on you, you are probably not with your true half. She will never detract from you and intentionally never do something that could hurt you. When one of the two soul mates dies, the other generally goes out with it or within one to two years. Sooner or later we will all come to know death and this departure will involve leaving half of ourselves behind, at least temporarily: it will be one of the most painful separations that we will experience during the earthly days.

Other people will experience equally painful experiences on a different level. Someone might know their soul mate but not be able to be with her for various reasons, for example if she is married, imprisoned, has different religious traditions, etc. What is important to remember, however, is that you will in any case always be linked to your soul mate and that sooner or later, in physical life or after death, you will still find yourself. Your soul mate will always be part of your life, regardless of the place and condition in which you will find yourself, and you will continue to dream of each other, to think and “feel” regardless of any circumstance. It can be very painful to live without your own half, but the unique and deep bond that unites you will never be lost and will always transcend any space-time boundary. Nothing can divide two souls bound by fate.

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