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Sociology essay – poverty

In scientific research it is necessary that there are precise concepts, which can help us to be less superficial.
Poverty is a condition in which people do not have enough resources to satisfy human needs.
Sometimes we think of poverty as a condition in which we cannot find the resources to survive, however, in today’s societies, there are many stimuli that are necessary for men and that if we are not able to find them or reach them, and therefore we can be defined as poor.

For us it is also important to have intellectual stimuli, to acquire information and knowledge, to have social relationships …
When a person does not have sufficient resources to satisfy universal needs we are in the case of absolute poverty.
We speak of extreme absolute poverty when a person does not have sufficient resources even to survive, that is, food, a place to sleep, health insurance, clothes ..
Instead, we speak of absolute non-extreme poverty when we also take into account all those needs of men not linked to mere subsistence, such as intellectual stimuli, social relations, etc.
In order not to have a too narrow concept of poverty, we must also ask ourselves what the desires and aspirations are in the social context in which people live.
We speak of relative poverty when a person has a lower standard of living than the people in his society.
Poverty can also be subjective within certain limits, for example some people live in poor conditions by choice, they prefer a simple and austere life.
It also happens that in advanced countries that some people would be correct to call poor, but they do not live in poverty or are even rich. It may happen that a person has all the comforts of life but is stressed and unhappy.
Poverty has three effects: physical, psychological and social.
When poverty is at very high levels as in third world countries, being poor can also lead to physical problems, given by malnutrition for example.
Modest degrees of poverty can lead to psychological consequences, such as the sense of failure, given by the fact that there is a gap between what you want and what you have.
Poverty also tends to affect social relationships, not only because poor people tend to experience them differently, but also because other people tend to treat the poor differently.
Poverty can be described as a limitation of the possibilities of life and a disadvantage in cultural and social life.
This phenomenon can also lead to marginalization. Marginalization is the condition of those who are relegated to the margins, to the periphery of the social system, and therefore implies a lack of integration of some people / groups who do not participate in the life of society. Marginalization can take on the characteristics of discrimination.
Just think of the conditions of homeless people, who are seen in a bad way by society and who, usually, are avoided by people.
Poverty puts people at a disadvantage, because people cannot afford what they want and what other people have.
Example: a poor person may not have the internet, which is a disadvantage because it leads to the person not being informed about what is happening around them.
Education is a good way to get men out of a state of poverty.
Education could be understood as a kind of ransom. It opens the door to numerous and varied job opportunities that would otherwise not be accessible. In addition, it equips you better to be able to advance and understand the complex network of welfare programs and money management techniques – both of which are helpful in getting out of poverty.


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