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Snow is a precipitation of crystalline frozen water, that is, it is made up of tiny ice crystals that have a six-pointed star structure and can have infinite shapes. Snow reflects 97% of sunlight which contains a mixture of colors that our eye perceives as a whole as white. The white color, therefore, is not a property of snow but essentially of its structure. As soon as the crystalline structure of the flakes decreases, the white vanishes: if the snow liquefies (melts) we will have transparent water, if instead it freezes, it thickens by compressing, and the color will tend to blue or at least our eye will perceive it as such. . But these are quite complicated scientific terms and explanations, stuff for meteorologists, who are unable to understand the magic of life, normally we say that “snow” is the light and delicate flakes that come down from the sky. When it snows, I don’t feel as cheerful as a child who can’t wait to make snowmen, if anything, frozen by the cold, amazed and, with a strange sense of expectation: I walk around the house and take a look out of several windows to see it fall from different angles, standing there looking at it for hours. I think there is a close link between snow and waiting, in fact when it snows there is a strange silence in the air, as if everything had stopped to admire this indescribable masterpiece of nature. In fact this is one of those rare wonderful moments when I simultaneously find peace of mind, heart and soul. I take the snow as a warning that the holiday season is coming soon and that it’s not really winter until the snowflakes fall. But snow, especially in the city, is a problem, thanks to the poor visibility and the grip of the asphalt road accidents are created, even fatal, you can get hurt even on foot losing your balance on a sidewalk. For the reasons indicated, when there is the risk of heavy snowfalls, the weather alert is communicated, in which the first to remain closed are the schools. But nowadays snow is a danger for people who are distracted or too sure of their means and for the homeless, the former are those who end up crowding the hospital emergency rooms, the latter are an opportunity to prove our generosity. Sometimes the snowfalls remind me of childhood memories, of when I used to play carefree alone or together with my friends to make snowmen or the snowball war and then we would go home soaked and our mothers we screamed at each other because we were all wet. This does not mean at all that I want to go back in time to try those same feelings again, I just think that other children are reliving the same moments and enjoying themselves in the same way as when I was little. In conclusion, I think that snow is beautiful when it falls, but not when it remains for too long because then the real problems begin that overcome the emotions it arouses: the houses remain isolated, road disturbances are created and after a while it cools down as well. people’s moods. Perhaps this is why beautiful things are those that do not last long, because if the snow fell every day, paradoxically it would have been magical to have a sunny day.

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