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Skincare: why it is important to do it (well)

Are you really convinced that you have structured your skincare well?

Hello everyone!
If you have doubts about skincare or about some of the steps that make it up, you are in the right place.

Skin care is no longer a negligible factor, especially for us women it has become a daily routine but there is a but.

How many times have you spent so much money on cosmetics without seeing the desired results?
How many times have you come to the conclusion that skincare is of little or no use?
I’m sure I can tell you that you are doing something wrong.

In this article I will explain to you why it is so important to perform the skincare routine correctly and which are the steps that you are probably or almost certainly doing wrong.
I urge you to read everything carefully, you may find the answer to several questions.

Why do skincare?

Before starting, let me dedicate a few lines to those who totally evade the idea of taking care of their skin, in the optimistic hope that genetics may be on their side.

Know that skin aging is a natural and inevitable process, which is accelerated by some factors including smog, UV rays, unhealthy foods, smoking and unfortunately also stress.
All enemies of the skin, which is not always able to defend itself on its own.
Our task is to help you, slowing down (not avoiding) the dreaded aging process, how? Taking care of it with skincare.

How effective skincare is structured

The biggest flaw is often at the base, convinced to carry out the skincare of life, in reality all or at least most of the steps and products are wrong.
This is demeaning, counterproductive, and makes you spend a lot of money without seeing any results.
The only solution is to understand where we are wrong.

Getting the steps wrong is also counterproductive.
Skin care starts from the study of chemistry, each skincare must be carried out according to the rules that govern it and which were not created by just any guy, but have been studied by expert doctors.

The first step is always cleansing

I have to tell you about the time I was told that to remove make-up it would be necessary to wash your face with water, or about the time I was told that shampoo is one of the best make-up removers on the market.

If I still think about it, I still experience a mix of feelings ranging from panic to shock.
I’ll compose myself and I’ll explain how true cleansing is carried out, the one that does not cause damage to the eyes and skin.

Cleansing starts with a correct make-up removal phase.
Make-up must be removed with a specific product, whether it be biphasic micellar water, make-up remover oil or cleansing milk, it doesn’t matter.
Removing make-up with a greasy substance dissolves make-up great and does not alter the hydro-lipid film (emulsion of water and lipids).

We then move on to a foaming soap. Among the many that we find on the market it is easy to get confused, choosing a delicate one is always the safest move.

The treatment phase begins

This is a damn important step, which makes a difference and that most people skip completely, or that they put into practice but in a completely wrong way.

The treatment phase is the one that solves THE problem, the one that has afflicted you for years and that doesn’t give up!
Even if you put your damn cream on he is there, staring at you and saying: hello dear how are you? I’m doing great on your face.

Ok ok ok, now I’ll explain what the treatment phase consists of.
Have you ever heard of “tonic”?
Well remove it, you don’t need it.

Correct me, they say it is useful to complete the make-up removal phase, but if you have carried out a more than effective cleansing, the tonic is not needed, in fact.

More than tonics, I love lotions, aesthetically identical to tonics, but different in terms of formulation.
A lotion is a liquid cosmetic containing functional substances aimed at treating specific skin problems.
Often the two products get confused, even the companies themselves do not know how to define them and we do not understand each other very much, but whatever you want to call it, choose one targeted for your problem.

An example of a functional lotion can be one based on glycolic acid, aimed at acting on the brightness of the skin thanks to its exfoliating power, therefore perfect for dull and dull skin.

There are many interesting lotions also for the treatment of acne and even those after shaving that avoid irritation and boils, in short, choosing the right lotion for your needs makes the difference.

There is not only cream

I know that you are waiting for the moment when I reveal to you the secret on how to choose the right cream that solves all the problems, but I will tell you that the secret is not in the cream but in what precedes it.

A cream alone is not able to effectively treat any problem, but the synergy of multiple products can and, what you don’t know, is that to make a cream the solution, it needs to be completed or enhanced. from a serum.

A serum is not a lotion and it is not even a cream, it is a cosmetic with a water-based liquid formulation, containing such a concentration of active ingredients, aimed at guaranteeing the treatment of a problem.
For example, a vitamin C serum that works on the pigmentation of spots, when combined with a vitamin C cream can enhance its effectiveness.

But when should this serum be used?

Categorically before the cream and after the lotion, it must be “absorbed” by the skin and must not be preceded by the cream that reduces its effectiveness.

The serum which is more liquid goes to treat blemishes, redness, acne, wrinkles, while the cream which is denser creates a barrier that seals hydration and prevents the dispersion of water.
In short, a question of different textures but above all a question of chemistry.

Choose a serum that works on a specific problem, perhaps that works in synergy with the lotion and as a support to the cream.

Now you can move on to the cream

At this point you might think about choosing any cream, since you have already treated the problem with lotion and serum I’m sorry but, NO.
The cream must also work in synergy with the rest of the products.

We cannot adopt a cream that performs a completely different action, the idea of using as many products as possible that work on different fronts is the solution to any of your problems.

The main role of the cream is to create a barrier on the epidermis that prevents the dispersion of water, this barrier must be more or less “strong” depending on the type of skin you have.

The choice of cream must be consistent with the products that precede it and must adapt to the type of skin (dry, oily, chapped, sensitive, mature etc …)

Practical example:
If I have chosen a lotion and serum aimed at treating redness of the skin (couperose type), I will choose a cream, which has a calming, soothing support and perhaps even a complementary action, such as the protective one (SPF).
Logically complete the picture of a skincare, adding a plus that makes sense.

Summary of key points

  • THE FIRST STEP is CLEANSING: remove make-up with a greasy substance and cleanse with soap.
  • TREAT THE PROBLEM: first a lotion and then a serum that aim to minimize a blemish.
  • END WITH A CREAM: Choose a cream consistent with your treatment scheme.

With this we close our chat, I hope I have been useful to you and have transmitted clear and precise information to you.


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