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Short essay – Technology

We live in 2021 in a world where technology invades and conditions our lives, and more and more we cannot do without it: an example can be the cell phones of the latest generations which, in addition to performing the functions of a normal telephone, they are able to develop more and more elaborate functions, almost comparable to those of a computer since they allow us to connect to the internet and interact with our friends through social networks.

With the spread of technologies, knowledge inevitably also spreads to be able to use them, given the spread of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, each one always experimenting with new functions of them, ends up ignoring the potential danger of what one does by putting himself at much greater risk more easily than you might think, since through our profiles you can access our sensitive data such as telephone numbers and address of our home.
This dangerous exposure to risk, albeit often involuntary, is very common among the very young: children aged 10-12 are increasingly experienced in using the internet many times without parental control and are victims in some cases of identity theft, pedophilia and in the worst case of both physical and psychological violence.
The Internet should go back to being a safe “place” for everyone and if everyone contributed to making it safe, it wouldn’t be a far off idea, but many bad guys find fun hiding with fake identities to bother those who surf quietly. Each of us can help combat this problem: a simple solution would be not to talk to strangers via chat and not to exchange sensitive data such as telephone number with them, even if we cannot misjudge a person by believing them to be malicious even before knowing them. the purposes. As suggested by an article in “La repubblica” written by a middle school girl, on the internet we have to decide whether to follow a safe path, without taking risks and always being aware and responsible for what we are doing, or whether to follow a bad path dotted with chats with strangers, exchanges of information, without thinking about the consequences, and unreliable sites or content that is not suitable for one’s age. We should therefore learn not to become slaves to technology but to be masters of it.
On the other hand, it is also true that everyone on the internet is free to do what they want, so we must always be cautious in case we find ourselves having to report an abuse.
However, it cannot be denied that in addition to the danger, chats have advantages; most of the time they allow us to stay in touch more easily with people we don’t see often: for example, friends from holidays or distant relatives, as a middle school girl can testify in her article “Chatting is beautiful”, in which she tells us about to be able to talk to his cousins ​​who live far away and whom he had not seen for some time. Technology has certainly helped to shorten the distances, but you have to know how to use it carefully in order to have a social experience that is always at the best of all possibilities.

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