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Short essay on the pleasure of reading

“You are not born with the instinct to read, as you are born with that of eating or drinking.”
The passion for reading can neither be taught nor inoculated to people because this is a very personal thing.
Books, since printing was invented, have become the best means of transmitting knowledge and culture and maintain the same validity even today.
Reading is an effective method of learning, a stimulus to critical ability, a pleasant pastime and a source of intense emotions and feelings. As psychologists’ research shows, something read will surely remain etched in our memory longer than the same message seen on television or heard on the radio. The written text gives us the opportunity to dwell on what is not clear to us or on what interests us. With reading we are not passive in the assimilation of information but we are an integral part of it. Books are tools that intellectually train people: in a good text you can learn new notions, and you can find answers to many questions.
Books are those means that serve to communicate one’s thoughts and one’s way of conceiving reality and given that men were not all created with the same intellect but have a different way of thinking from each other, it is evident that a book is also a source of reflection, criticism as well as information.
“By reading we are not looking for new ideas but thoughts already thought by us, which acquire a seal of confirmation on the page.”
However, all this does not imply that reading is automatically a hobby or an enjoyable activity for everyone, indeed the statistics show that in Italy we read very little, a real defeat if you think that literature has taken its first steps in our country. .
Daniel Pennac tells us: “The verb to read cannot stand the imperative”. With this statement, the writer wants to specify that despite the value and usefulness of reading, pleasure certainly cannot be imposed, on the contrary this is a precious achievement. This does not mean that it is impossible to educate to reading just try to make each reader find their own way: there are those who prefer romantic comedies, those who prefer crime films, who prefer dramas and science fiction books. To the great variety of books corresponds the great variety of tastes. “The reading of a poem or a novel can make profound signs in any passionate reader, ready to let himself be ignited by the sparks” that are released between the lines of the text.
When it comes to reading, the important thing is to find within yourself the desire to read. However, this often does not happen. The main mistake is made by the professors by forcing children to read certain books that very often do not reflect their tastes. Reading therefore becomes a forced thing and can be boring and unpleasant.
Reading must therefore be seen not as an accessory of our life, but as a necessary element to live, a food that our body cannot and must never do without.


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