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Short essay on the Gift

To be there, in that white, dimensionless room. Walk and walk, day after day, go up and down those same white steps from time to time, get to the last one and find yourself there, again. Being there, in the center of that arena so big that you feel so small that you look around and feel alone in the silence, in the encouragement of the audience in the stalls, in the start shot, and see that podium there, so close that it seems only the fruit of imagination, because as long as you can run fast, as long as it takes to get there, as long as you can be trained, as soon as everything seems to be one step away, you go back to the beginning, there in the limb
or. Being right there, but never getting there and ending up being trapped in this vortex with no apex. It makes you shudder to think about this repeated situation in front of everything, which leads you to not really seem up to anything, so that from time to time the battle with yourself seems tougher. Every man is born a bearer of gifts, of abilities, we think. Every man is born as a gift to give, exploit and show his virtues to the world, in order to contribute to a better world, in order to have goals that lead to reaching the pinnacle of happiness, and consequently to give meaning to one’s life. . “What if it isn’t so? What if it was me who was different? Missing something? ” You might think … So that once again we sink again, under limbo, and the forces to get out of it diminish from time to time, without thinking that the key to happiness, the gift so much sought may already be in circulation, present in what it seems absence. Often we end up looking for the gifts too high and too quickly, we are unable to be aware that our path is already a virtue in itself.

The greatest gift a man can have is being able to pursue a goal, and get there, a grain from the top, never giving up. In order to arrive at a day when one finally realizes that he has lived his life inside an arena to fight to make it, to conquer that highest step, thinking about the most positive parts of this long journey. Often it is right there, one’s gift, in silence making itself desired within one’s heart, and it always has been.


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