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Short essay on Globalization

Globalization is a phenomenon, which is growing more and more, which affects all countries of the world regardless of their level of wealth and development. It does not only concern the economic aspect, but also the social and political one, involves the exchange of goods and services and involves the whole world and everyone participates in some way in the world economic system.
A country’s economic activities and wealth depend more and more on other countries and therefore on what is happening all over the world, not just inside it.
Modern means of transport and communication are the basis of economic globalization, allowing greater trade and goods exchanges, money movements, greater flows of people and information. It also makes it possible to increase world trade, the products among which the consumer can choose and above all the economic and non-economic development of some countries. in fact, “globalization will make it possible to overcome poverty, ensure a more comfortable and dignified life, favor relations between nations, reducing the danger of conflicts”. (Read this, SIX).

However, some argue that the globalization of the economy has brought problems as well as bringing important advantages, in fact, as demonstrated by the Corriere della Sera who states that “In the countries where the Corporations go to produce, no wealth stops because technologies come from and do not contribute to the improvement of the local society. In addition, today here, tomorrow there “. Furthermore, many states remain poor, indeed they have increased the gap that separates them from rich countries; in general, there is a greater risk of crisis for all countries and all regions, because the difficulties that have arisen in one country also affect others to some extent. There is no doubt that countries have improved their economies, but they have done so at the expense of the environment by increasing polluting productions. Furthermore, the increased capacity to move goods and people accelerates the rapidity of spread of infections and epidemics, a real globalization of the disease.
But it should not be forgotten, however, that with globalization local territories have more opportunities to develop, because they can advertise and connect more easily with the rest of the world. Another positive consequence of globalization is the unification of cultures, which will make us all equal and nonetheless homologated.
Therefore, if we manage to contain the disadvantages of globalization, this phenomenon will become a great development process for the whole planet which will guarantee significant improvements and benefits for the entire population.

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