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Short essay on friendship

Man was born with the need to relate and communicate: from prehistoric times, with simple figurative methods, up to the contemporary age, with the web, friendship has always represented a foundation for everyday life and balance. of the human being.

The importance of this “relationship of mutual choice” is recognized above all in moments of serious difficulty, when personal self-denial and the values ​​of fidelity and loyalty also push us to be “… Ready to die for a friend … Almost with joy” ( “The rediscovered friend”, F. Uhlman); or to deprive oneself of any one’s own good, of every ounce of strength left in the body, for the good of the other: as happens in “Rosso Malpelo” (G. Verga); where the mischievous and daring bad boy “For a refinement of malice” takes to protect a weak and gaunt child, Frog, who must suffer the oppression of the brat, but who at the same time is helped by the latter, who buys him with the his meager pay for wine and hot soup during his illness. In this way Malpelo reveals in truth the relationship of affection and at the same time of violence (aimed however at strengthening the character of Frog) that unites them; highlighting how in reality he desires a partner in a reality where no one accepts him and how friendship therefore represents the pain of the friend’s suffering, despite their being an Odi et Amo.
If friendship means being present in difficult moments, at the same time it also means participating in moments of joy, desires and hopes strengthened by this feeling, which indeed pushes us to imagine unrealistic contexts and dreams to be lived together, as in case of some stanzas of “Le Rime” (D. Alighieri); in which the great poet imagines sailing with a sea vessel at sea with his friends Lapo and Guido; but also to enjoy, in a sense of necessary sharing, of what life really is, almost savoring it and making the presence of someone essential “… Because otherwise there would be no one to communicate it to …” (“De amicitia”, Cicero) .
Often, however, this confidence can take on different facets that range in many fields:
In fact, friendship frequently arises between different realities, opposite or even in conflict: as in the “War Letters” exchanged between the Israeli boy Zeev and the young Palestinian Ghaada, symbols that even in a dangerous situation of incessant violence such as the Intifada Palestinian, a solution can be found, a common point.
Yet this complex relationship even extends to different species, it is common to hear the proverb “The dog is man’s best friend” which underlines the relationship of trust that is created between
man and animal, but which at the same time also wants to put importance on the concept of taming which, according to the Fox of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, means “creating bonds” which leads to an even deeper meaning, that is to think indirectly of the friend, each learn something from the other (“The Moon and the Faló”, C. Pavese) and form memories that are kept and that allow you to recognize him.
For better or for worse, friendship represents, as already mentioned, a need that is present in each of us and that is not based on arrogance and weakness, or on wealth and poverty, but on a healthy and complex principle that indissolubly binds two beings. living … Because a friendship always leaves an indelible trace.

“Friendship is in the mouth of many but in the hearts of a few.”

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