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Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein

In the novel Frankenstein the monster does not have a name: it was popular fantasy that attributed it to that of its creator, the unfortunate and passionate Victor Frankenstein. Monster, however, does not mean bad.
the poor “monster” is, at first, a creature of good and delicate feelings, offering a great deal for the cruel abandonment of its creator.

Alone and desperate, he takes refuge in the barn of a farmhouse, where, observing the family, and especially the children, he slowly becomes aware of himself. He learns to read, without being seen helps to carry out small tasks, he begins to recognize and give a name to the sensations and emotions he feels. For him everything is new, unexpected: the rising of dawn moves him, the beauty of nature exalts him, the affection he sees exchanged among his unsuspecting guests disturb him deeply. When, after many months, he finds the courage to show himself, the horrified reactions of the family throw him into despair. He runs away, determined to find his creator. He no longer wants to be alone, he wants a companion who is like him, monstrous and deformed, with whom to live in peace and solitude, without any man having to see them anymore.
but the scientist refuses, shocked at the idea of ​​repeating the experiment for the second time.

Then the monster becomes evil: he kills the relatives of his creator and his beloved Elizabeth, persecutes him, threatens him, makes his life a hell of torment. Finally, creator and creature come to a showdown on the ice of the Arctic. The scientist, miraculously collected by a ship of explorers, finds the last strength to tell the captain his sad story and dies. On his corpse, the monster raises a last lament, before disappearing forever: “Once I hoped in vain to meet beings who, forgiving my external form, would have loved me for the excellent qualities I was able to reveal. lofty thoughts of honor and devotion. But now crime has degraded me below the most despicable animal. When I run through the frightening string of my sins, I cannot believe that I am the same creature whose thoughts were once directed towards good. But it is so: the fallen angel has become an evil demon. but even the enemy of God had friends and associates in his desolation: I am alone. “


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