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Seurat and pointillism

Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte -> islet on the Seine where the aristocrats all dressed in the latest fashion spent their days
This work is considered the death of the Impressionists, even if it is still somewhat linked to Impressionism.
Seurat makes the image much more vivid but he does it in a more rigorous way than the Impressionists: he approaches a series of dots but no longer does it empirically (i.e. starting from his own perceptual experience) but in a much more scientific way by studying the color theory of a number of characters including the chemist Chevreul.

One of the techniques was that of simultaneous contrast, that is, the colors were always juxtaposed to each other, creating the effect of increasing the tone of both colors. The other character was Maxwell who observes the phenomenon of optical mixing, that is, instead of mixing the colors on the palette my eye looks at colors juxtaposed together as a single color from a distance (i.e. if blue and yellow are combined, my eye sees them as green. ). Unlike the Impressionists who painted en plain air this is done indoors in fact it seems almost artificial, frozen, it does not show the mutability of things. Still figures, it is as if there were no air.
Seurat organizes and structures the space to eliminate the risk of impressionism to frustrate the volume of the objects.


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