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Sadness – what is there to know?

What I would like people to understand about sadness is that I have the right to experience it, experience it and embrace it without being labeled as “weak”. My world will be rebuilt again, piece by piece, after I understand every nuance and face my demons.

Being sad does not mean being sick or being depressed or being overwhelmed by the inclemency of life like a defeated soul. Sadness is an emotion, a precise state of mind that leads us to remain immobilized in order to understand ourselves a little better, to fully understand our voids.

Sometimes sadness hides behind a smile. It is like an eternal traveler who visits us at his pleasure, reminding us that we are human and that sometimes great strengths can arise from our weaknesses.

While it is true that having a negative emotional state, such as sadness, for a prolonged period, can lead to depression or vulnerability, this does not always happen.

Sadness comes and goes. Sometimes, indeed, despite being in search of its origins, we are subdued by a sadness that has no explanation: it appears without reason. It is a depressed state of mind that disappears in a short time, when the murmur of life overwhelms us again with its hope, its sunny days and its equally unexplained laughter. For this reason, it is essential to deepen this emotion better, without being afraid of it. Without ever labeling it as a synonym for personal weakness.

Good morning sadness, today I remembered you

We open our eyes one morning and, without knowing how, we are overwhelmed by that relentless feeling that takes our breath away and brings back all the memories of the past. Sadness envelops us with its cold mantle and we remain paralyzed.

There are people who choose to keep a bitter silence, since they know that a word would be enough to make the tears flow; and there are those who say “it’s nothing”, when in reality sadness is everything …

Sadness is part of our lives, and can easily be considered one of the most common and least understood emotions at the same time. Nobody dares to say aloud “I’m sad”, we always prefer to opt for fiction, the mask.

Sometimes, when we dare to communicate our state of mind to someone, we even hear ourselves say “Rejoice, life is short, smile”. This is not the most appropriate phrase. Sadness must be understood, and rarely finds remedy in a smile painted on the face. Yet we often do just that.

Let’s find out together what are the essential aspects that everyone should understand.

The thousand facets of sadness

We consider sadness only as a negative emotion. Well, although most of the time it is associated with dramatic events such as a separation, a loss, a failure or a disappointment, originally a “negative” element is not always present as such.

  • Sometimes sadness consists of a simple phase of depression, of apathy, of the need to be alone with oneself and one’s thoughts.
  • Being sad is not linked to being afraid, to wanting to escape from something. Yet there are those who tend to confuse anger with sadness. They abandon me and I react with anger, but I will learn to accept reality by going through a period with my sadness, with the emotional pain, in this case.

It is not always possible to determine the triggers

The triggers of sadness can appear extremely clear, and are those mentioned above: losses, failures, separations, disappointments, etc.

  • Sadness can easily arise from an experience linked to anger and fear, it is the moment in which the brain has to “take charge” of what happened, and to do this, it will have to internalize the past and let off steam.
  • Sadness can appear as a result of a cognitive process. These are those moments in which you analyze a past or present aspect of your life, and suddenly a series of negative emotions arise.
  • In turn, sadness can act as an act of presence without a specific reason. Sometimes it is a simple temporary lack of energy, a visit from pessimism, a phase related to weather factors or even a health problem.

Let me cry, let me experience my sadness, but learn to understand my process

The one who is sad will always be grateful for your presence, your support and your interest, but don’t make the mistake of saying phrases like “it’s silly to feel like this”: never accentuate with irony a state like sadness .

  • To understand that moment and dig into its origins, it is essential to experience it. For this purpose, if necessary, we can resort to tears, to an inevitable outburst.
  • Understanding sadness implies making a journey into one’s deepest self, which is why a period to spend with oneself is essential. We must understand and rebuild. We will need understanding and respect.
  • The first step to recovery is to become aware and understand emotions, and for this reason, it is advisable to know how to deal with every daily sadness. So don’t hide behind a mask, face sadness before filling your emptiness with a warm smile.

Goodbye sadness, today I have decided to face you, to open the window and let you go, because I have learned to be strong, because today I will dress with confidence and new hope.

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