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Sadness (essay)

Sadness is an emotion that we all know. In life it is impossible not to try it, in fact, we have all had grief, relationships that ended badly, disappointments, defeats. It is an emotion that is triggered every time something is missing, regardless of whether it is something material or physical. It is often seen as a bad thing, in fact whenever a person is melancholy they are considered depressed, but they are not completely depressed.
It is like a signal that tells us when we are about to explode and makes us stop for a while before doing so, it helps to release the pain before it destroys us.

It serves to reflect on one’s mistakes, to mourn, to reflect on ourselves and to get to know each other better. Unlike anger, sadness manifests itself within us and for this reason it is more difficult to fight, in fact, only if you want, you can be helped.
Sadness has a language of its own, made up of defense and release mechanisms: tears are the most obvious way to express it, but often it hides behind a more sad look, the lack of desire to do things and apathy. We often underestimate it or ignore it completely because it is easier to do so, we prefer to continue to live in suffering rather than expose ourselves to the judgment of society. It is an emotion that must be accepted and fought like all the negative things in our life. Sadness leads to losing faith in improvement and the future and makes us fall into loneliness. The intensity of it varies depending on what I missed. For example, if the boy leaves me, I am sad, but not as sad as I would be if someone dear to me passed away. It is a passing state that, if it persists, can even make our lives worse.

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