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Rococo art style

The first period opens with a social inequality: wealth is in the hands of a few (large monarchies with palaces).
Despite this, the crisis is overcome with the introduction of new agricultural systems such as crop rotation and technological innovations.

The main protagonists of the period are the SHORTS. A new artistic language spread in the court of Louis XV: Rococo.

The term was born with a derogatory connotation, that is, it criticizes the excessive use of a decoration played on curved, sinuous and bizarre elements. Rococò offers an aesthetic of grace based on the fundamental values ​​of lightness, pleasantness, amiability and brightness.
In painting, religious subjects are replaced by more intimate and worldly themes, such as court entertainment, scenes of elegant ladies and players and pastoral compositions inspired by Arcadian models. Color becomes decorative use (on the walls, delicate shades and sinuous decorations).
In architecture, classical structures are replaced with buildings full of windows opening onto the landscape. Private environments such as living rooms prevail.
The principle of functionality emerges according to which every environment must be designed with a view to its use.
Interior architecture is born where the minor arts prevail.
Parks and gardens are becoming increasingly important: a meeting place between nature and artifice. 3 models:

  • Italian style: labyrinth with fountains and water games
  • French style: dramatic and symmetrical like that of Versailles
  • English: greater value to nature


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