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Resident Evil Village accused of plagiarism [SPOILER]

Resident Evil Village came out a few days ago, dividing the audience in two: between those who love the new direction of the franchise, and those who remain anchored (perhaps a little too much) to their past. Nonetheless, the game returns to be talked about, but not as we would have expected. In fact, the new chapter of the saga has been accused of plagiarism for the design of a mid-boss. Of course, it’s true: pulling out something deeply original in a saturated landscape like that of horror is absolutely difficult; and it is clear that cinema and video games turn to the monsters of folklore in search of inspiration.

SPOILER ALERT: The following will contain spoilers on the design of a mid-boss.

Capcom, however, would not have turned to folklore; but to a monster from a movie film. We are talking about the 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army. To report the blatant plagiarism, it was the director of the film, Richard Raaphorst, who compared his monster and that of Resident Evil Village. This is the mid-boss Sturm, distinguished by the head in the shape of propellers (similar to those of an aircraft) whose attacks will put the player in serious danger.

The similarity, as specified above, is more than obvious! Looking at Sturm’s design, it’s virtually identical to that of the creature Raaphorst made eight years earlier for his film. At the moment, the Japanese software house has not released any statement in this regard. Therefore, we invite you to stay tuned with us at Game Division, for any updates on the matter.


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