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Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn – Pictorial style

Rembrandt, born on July 15, 1606, was an artist full of interests: he devoted himself to the most varied pictorial genres, using different techniques, obtaining excellent results. From a very young age, Rembrandt mastered a pictorial language based on the skilful use of light. His painting was made up of precise and refined brushstrokes that allowed him a meticulous representation of the details of the environments and clothing of the subjects he represented.

When he measured himself with biblical episodes, as in Tobias, Anna and the kid of 1626, he was able to make evident the moral messages like that of Tobias, a just man who resignedly endures his blindness.
In the very widespread portrait genre, Rembrandt chose the so-called rough manner, that is the pictorial style that imitated the material with suggestive effects. In group portraits he introduced the idea of ​​placing subjects within a real action, such as an anatomy lesson. The numerous self-portraits made by Rembrandt cover the span of his activity. It is therefore possible to grasp the evolution of his style in relation to the same subject represented. The early works were more rich in details and attention to detail, those of his maturity were rendered with brushstrokes of denser color, those of old age were less refined and had lighter touches of color.


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