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Procrastination: why we do it and how to stop

In this article we will discover together the 4 main causes of procrastination and the 4 most effective solutions to definitively defeat it.

Do you often postpone your commitments? The study, that work project, a good purpose for the new year? Maybe you are procrastinating something important right now, reading this article.

Procrastination can be a real problem: hours or even whole days wasted not finishing anything, not to mention the frustration and stress for deadlines that are inexorably approaching.

What to do? For the most hardened procrastinators I have created a practical guide that explains step by step how to get rid of procrastination definitively. You can get it by going to this page.

If instead procrastination for you is simply a temporary problem, here are the 4 main causes of procrastination and many solutions to stop putting off your commitments:

1. You are working too hard

Procrastination could be the symptom of bad management of your time: in short, you are working too much and badly.

If you continue to work / study late in the evening or on weekends, whether you want to or not, your brain will take breaks, thus creating a vicious circle in which the more you work and the more work accumulates.

It is no coincidence that precisely in the most intense periods of study / work we find ourselves wandering between Facebook, Youtube and our favorite news site.

Solution: use Parkinson’s law to complete well-defined and effective work / study sessions. At the same time it creates time for your passions and for what makes you feel good every day.

2. What you do does not excite you

If you hate your job or feel that you have completely missed your course of study, there is no personal growth technique that takes: you will continue to procrastinate your commitments always and in any case.

Solution: the time has come to rethink what you want to do when you grow up; make a list of your passions, what excites you, what you would do even without a salary.

Warning! Too easy to abandon a goal at the first obstacle, believing that it is not the right way for us: before convincing yourself that the course of study or the work you are doing is not for you, ask yourself if you have really lost interest in the goal final or if it is only a passing obstacle that makes you procrastinate (a particularly complicated exam, a terribly boring project, etc.).

3. You don’t like dirty work

“Procrastination is a trap. You will always find excuses to procrastinate. But the truth is that there are only 2 things in life: the apology and the results, and with the apology, you don’t go anywhere. “

Robert Anthony

Although you love your job, you often procrastinate boring and routine activities: nothing serious.

Often we have to complete activities that we believe are useless, unnecessary and the result of a bureaucratically deviated mind. Even the most beautiful work in the world will have some of these activities; they are like spring pollens: inevitable, annoying, but necessary (for the survival of plants, at least!).

Solution: do not focus on the single activity, frame it in a wider context, but above all think about how you will feel once you have got rid of this boring task.

4. You are scared

Fear and procrastination often go hand in hand. But what to do when you keep putting it off for fear?

Whether it’s looking for a new job, getting to know the girl of your dreams, or starting your own business when you’re frightened (even if you don’t have the courage to admit it) you will always find dozens of plausible excuses to put off what you would like and should do.

Procrastination dictated by fear is the worst that can happen to you: instead of chasing your dreams you find yourself immobilized, unable to react.

Solution: become aware that you are able to act despite the fear, indeed acting in spite of our fears is the only way to make them disappear.

Soo, why are you procrastinating?

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