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Pointillism or Divisionism originated from the impressionist experience based on the application of color theories following studies on visual perception. Considering that the various shades of colors derive from the various combinations of colors, these were not mixed on the palette but arranged pure on the canvas, in the form of dots, of small spots. The shape and color are recomposed from a distance, on the retina of the eye of the beholder. Therefore the pointillist technique uses the combination of dots of pure color, a procedure by which greater brightness and chromatic intensity were obtained compared to the colors mixed on the palette. For example, by juxtaposing yellow and red dots from a distance you could see orange. Georges Seurat was a pointillist, he applied the recent theories on color in painting, he used a technique that divided the color on the canvas into small touches or pure dots, so that the eye at a certain distance merges into a single color. In this way, not only are the colors brighter, the outlines sharper and the bodies are sculpted. of the Seine.
The painting appears divided into three parts, two darker bands determined by the shadow area at the bottom and the foliage of the trees at the top that frame a light surface, because in full sun. Men and women stroll or lie in the shade, others fish, others are busy with the most curious activities, the couple carrying the monkey on a leash. The scene, despite being crowded, dominates calm and silence together with an unnatural stillness. The chaos is only apparent, all the figures are arranged geometrically, almost scenographic.


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