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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

He was born in 1841 and died in 1919. At a young age he was a porcelain decorator, his light touch, the subtle brushstroke and the use of bright colors will remain; after the porcelain decorator he will dedicate himself to decorating fans and painting murals until he decides to devote himself to painting; he will attend the Louvre with Monet to copy the masters, they often painted the same foreshortening but you can see different brushstrokes and colors.
He differs from the other Impressionists because he has a predilection for the human figure.
He participates in all the Impressionist exhibitions (Monet does not participate in the 5th, 6th and 8th due to problems with the organizers) but he was still looking for success in the salons.
In 1870 he participated in the Franco-Prussian War and in 1880 he initiated an important change of pictorial direction, after a journey in Italians which he admired Raphael and Titian he returned to a renewed classicism in which the impressionist stain will be present but the outline and the line will be clean and clear, it seems to want to regain its shape.

He will say: “the impression has reached a closed alley”.
He paints until a very late age, suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis he had brushes tied to his hands in order to continue painting.

The dance at the moulin de la Gallette”: (1876) a myriad of people talking and dancing are painted, with the “cinematic cut” (the chair in the foreground is cut) and the viewer feels projected into the picture. The trees cover the light and you can see the sunlight passing through the leaves, which is the bright moment; the brushstrokes are rhythmic and seem to make the music feel.

The swing“: predilection for plain-air painting, glare of light among the leaves and in the boy in the foreground we can see the spots of light.


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