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Paul Valery – Life and Poetry

Paul Valery is a French Valery poet who lived in the period between the two world wars.
Paul Valery was born in Sète in 1871. Paul Valéry studied law in Montpellier, then he met the artist Stéphane Mallarmé, who has become a key point of poetic, intellectual and cultural reference.
Valéry became interested in the French poet Baudelaire, indeed, soon published poems inspired by the French Symbolist movement; However, in 1892, he gave up writing, poetry and letters because of a deep crisis.

In this period, Valery took up philosophical and mathematical studies, which led him, subsequently, to publish the writing of an essay: “Introduction to the method of Leonardo da Vinci”
Other essays by the author are: “Soul and Dance”, “Tel Quel”, “Cahiers”.
In 1896, Valéry published the literary work “The evening with Monsieur Teste” in which the protagonist pursues an absolute clarity of mind and a perfect mastery of passions.
In 1917, Valéry finally began to write and publish poetry and affirmed his poetry. During this period, he wrote: “The young Parque” and “the marine cemetery. “
His new poetry strictly respecting the rules of metrics is configured as a daring game of references to tradition, myth, philosophy.
In addition, in 1920 he published a collection of early poems several old albums.
Later, Valery assumed the role of “French official poet” in 1925 became a member of the French Academy. He died in Paris in 1945.


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