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Panic attacks and how to recognize them

Panic attacks manifest with severe anxiety episodes. These can last up to thirty minutes and create a feeling of discomfort and apprehension; they are lived with terror and anguish without all this, at least in appearance, being justified.
This disorder suddenly bursts into everyday life, which is why they scare you even more.

The recognizable symptoms are different and range from breathing difficulties to increased palpitations, from chest pains to dizziness to the sensation of going crazy and dying. During the crisis, a loud, almost uncontrollable cry can be unleashed and terror takes over everything else.

In these delicate moments it is important to do the right things and to adopt a harmless behavior is of fundamental importance. To reduce the intensity of the crisis it is necessary to apply some simple rules.

This is why it is important to try to get comfortable immediately; the body must relax. Better to avoid lying down, the panic attack could get worse.
Among the most unbearable symptoms is the sensation of heat, of real hot flashes, so looking for a bit of coolness relieves severe discomfort.

If you have the perception that the situation is getting out of hand and if you feel a deep sense of anguish, it is good to ask for help from someone willing to stay with you for the duration of the crisis. If there is no one, you can ask for help from an object that distracts and perhaps reassures.

During panic attacks it is good not to rebel. The crisis takes time and space and if you oppose it, the intensity inevitably increases. It is absolutely not necessary to pretend that everything is fine. In doing so, the discomfort increases and the palpitations become uncontrollable.

During the most acute phase of the attack you can feel the fear of dying and this induces you to move in a senseless and excited way; this could cause ruinous and dangerous falls. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to try to remain as present as possible.
Of course, panic attacks can be treated and to date the most effective treatment is represented by cognitive behavioral therapy.

The patient is taught to objectively identify and evaluate those thoughts related to situations that lead to a panic attack.

A more or less long path is undertaken that leads to face situations of malaise with more functional thoughts and techniques capable of managing stress in the best possible way.

Over time, the patient will realize that those fearful situations do not actually constitute a real danger and will finally be able to concentrate on positive things and live a more peaceful life also through a more correct eating behavior aimed at reducing the consumption of coffee, carbonated drinks and all those that contain caffeine and excess sugar. In cases like these, contacting a psychologist experienced in panic attacks can help. Online you can also receive a consultation via Skype.

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