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P.T., Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills teaser reveals more secrets

P.T. reveals more secrets to youtuber Lance McDonald: here’s what he found out about the Silent Hills teaser directed by Hideo Kojima.

P.T., the disturbing Silent Hills teaser directed by Hideo Kojima, reveals more secrets: YouTuber Lance McDonald has discovered what happens to Lisa while our character is locked in the bathroom.

The episode takes place within the walls of the house that is the setting for the demo and therefore does not go outside it, among the streets of the city explored by the YouTuber himself, who was seen in the closing sequence with Norman Reedus.

What happens that we didn’t already know? When we see the glass of the window shattering to the ground and we see Lisa from the balcony as she slowly returns to the shadows, the character performs an unnatural contortion that was hidden from view.

However, it is what occurs while the protagonist is closed in the bathroom that arouses the greatest interest.

Do you know the sound of Lisa’s footsteps? Apparently the development team made the entire animation of her walk, also highlighting her walking problems probably due to the way the girl died.

It is this scene that was revealed by the YouTuber in his latest video, which you can find here below.

In short, P.T. continues to reveal surprises even after all this time. The hope is that the rumors about the new Silent Hill entrusted to Hideo Kojima are well-founded: if the Japanese game director has put all this effort into a simple teaser, what could he do with a complete game?

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