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Olivia Jackson sues the producers of Resident Evil

South African actress and stunt Olivia Jackson was cast as a stunt double for Milla Jovovich in the film “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”.
In September 2015, while performing a complicated stunt onset, the woman was the victim of a frightening accident that left her partially paralyzed and seriously injured for 17 days. The woman was induced a coma to allow surgeons to operate on her. The doctors had to amputate her left limb and this deeply affected her life and psyche as well as ending her career. To date, in addition to the loss of the limb, the woman suffers from constant pain in the nerves, while the upper right quadrant of her body has been paralyzed along with part of her face.
The producers are involved in the lawsuit along with Tannhauser Gate Inc, Impact Pictures and Bolt Pictures.
“Many things I wasn’t aware of were changed at the last minute,” Jackson said in an interview.
In fact, it seems that the day the accident occurred, the stunt should have shot a very different scene, simulating a fight, and instead he found himself having to shoot a complicated stunt on a motorcycle. The acrobatic number predicted that the actress would run at great speed towards the camera, but the latter was not raised promptly and she crashed into the obstacle.
“Olivia has faced her devastating wounds with constant courage,” said Jackson’s attorney Gabe Barenfeld, “but continues to face immense physical and emotional challenges. Olivia deserves full financial support to help her in this ongoing battle. “
In an appearance on “Good Morning America”, the stunt spoke about her accident, the nightmares and the terrible visions that afflicted her during the induced coma, the difficulties she is experiencing and how the producers led her to believe things that were not true, starting from the fact that the insurance would cover all medical costs, which was not the case. In fact, Jackson complains that she was literally abandoned to herself and that she did not receive adequate financial aid. She has not established any specific figure in the case, because what she wants is compensation that will allow her to keep and pay for the numerous medical expenses she still needs. “I would like to let the world know that things like these happen and that there is a need security and insurance coverage for all those people who work 16 hours a day and who give their lives to make these films. Many of the insurance issues have been kept from me. When you sign a contract that says that production is covered by insurance, that’s not really the case. “

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