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Nutella: the story

From Giandujot to SuperCrema, from SuperCrema to Nutella: this is the path that has followed the famous hazelnut spread cream that has made the palates of all the markets on which it landed happily.

The story of this “gianduia pasta” that helps millions of consumers to “start the day with enthusiasm” is a compelling story. Here are the main steps.


Curiosity! Perhaps few know that Nutella was initially created to remedy the cocoa shortage after the Second World War. Its creator is the Piedmontese pastry chef Pietro Ferrero who, by combining hazelnuts, sugar and the little cocoa available at that time, manages to create a sweet dough which gives the shape of a loaf to be cut and enjoyed on a slice of bread. Inspired by the famous mask of the Turin carnival, it baptizes its “Giandujot” dough.

On May 14, 1946 the Ferrero company was officially founded.


In 6 years, the “Giandujot” dough undergoes a transformation process that makes it a new product: the spreadable cream called SuperCrema.


Michele Ferrero, Pietro’s son, carries on his father’s work and invents the first jar of a new hazelnut and cocoa cream. “Nutella”, the most famous spreadable cream on the planet, has finally come into the world!


The characteristic glass jar is born which, like Coca-Cola bottles, completes the unique identity of the product. Brand recognition first of all.


Almost 28,000 people gather in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, to participate in the largest continental Nutella breakfast ever made: a unique event that entered the Guinness Book of Records.


On February 5, 2007, Sara Rosso, an Italian-American blogger in love with Nutella (how to blame her), marks World Nutella Day, a date that has since become the occasion to celebrate the product together with many other fans. An undeniable demonstration of the level of extreme affection for people towards the product and its brand.


The Ferrero group opens in Chicago the first restaurant dedicated to all Nutella fans: the Nutella Café. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that also includes takeaway dishes such as ice cream, crepes, yogurt, pancakes, croissants, muffins, waffles, baguettes, French toast, panna cotta and biscuits, all recognizable for the copious use of the beloved hazelnut cream born in Alba. Ferrero will open the second Nutella Café in Greenwich Village in New York, where there is already a dedicated bar inside the Eataly megastore.

Why is it called Nutella?

The name is composed of nut (“hazelnut” in English) and ella (Italian female endorsement). A sweet, inviting and soft name like the product it represents, really easy to pronounce, memorize and… export!

One thing is certain: nobody today calls Nutella a chocolate paste that is not Nutella. At best it is said: “it is a cream like Nutella”. Because Nutella, for everyone, is only Nutella!

This means that unlike other names that have become generic for a product category (Scotch, Borotalco, Scottex and so on) the Nutella brand has remained closely linked to the product that the Ferrero company has carefully protected with great communication skills.


Let’s close with a couple of interesting curiosities. If we lined up all the jars of Nutella sold in one year, we would cover the Great Wall of China 8 times; not to mention the weight of Nutella produced in a year, which is equal to that of the Empire State Building.

In short, we just have to say: what world would it be without Nutella? 🙂

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