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Natural anxiolytics: do they exist? Work?

We all felt anxious. Whether for a few minutes, days or even months, each of us has experienced that grip on our chest and a sense of loss on our skin. Yes, we agree with you. Only when reading anxiety does it cause anxiety! Another action that accumulates us in the moment of anxiety is to find a solution to get rid of this feeling quickly. Thus, there are thousands of researches on “natural anxiolytics”. Do they really exist? What are they? Let us immediately worry about this subject and calm the minds: Mother Nature has made excellent plants available to keep the nerves at bay. Let’s find out what they are and how to use them.

Anxiolytics and anxiety, let’s be clear!

Well now that you have known that there are remedies that can help you calm anxiety and stress, we can put our soul in peace and understand what they are. Before going into detail, we ask you a question: “Do you know what is meant by anxiolytic? And have you ever given an explanation of what anxiety is? ”The dictionary, and common sense, speak for themselves. An anxiolytic is used to counteract anxiety.

We can define anxiety as that emotional state characterized by tension and alert towards something or someone. Seen in this perspective, anxiety is something negative and that’s it, isn’t it? We lift your spirits by making you think. Your graduation day was anxious right? Yet something wonderful was about to happen: you were about to be proclaimed a doctor and you saw the end of your studies. Or the first date, the wedding day, the birth of a child … we could go on forever to show you situations in which anxiety loses its negative face!

Another consideration that perhaps you have never done is that anxiety can help you! “Seeee this is really beautiful !!!”. Okay, let’s say a sentence like that, just heard, triggers rivers of sarcastic laughter. But think about this. Anxiety is the mechanism that causes fear to develop, which even if it does not seem to be a fundamental emotion for us. If you were in front of a lion and you didn’t have anxiety that turns into fear, you agree with us that you wouldn’t make a good end, right ?!

Having made all these considerations and understand who we are dealing with, let us move on to the second step: When is it appropriate to resort to a natural anxiolytic? The psychology books are clear: when this emotional state is so strong that it interferes with our life. In these cases, it is essential to contact your doctor, who will be able to assess the situation. You can evaluate with him the plants and relaxing natural remedies that we present here.

Natural calming: what are they?

Here we are, the time has come to talk about the plants that behave like “natural anxiolytics” and make all the considerations. Among the most effective remedies you have available to combat anxiety we have:

  • Griffonia: do you know that this plant is also called African Bean? And indeed its shape is reminiscent of a legume. The Griffonia is the plant that in the pod of the anti-anxiety plants is placed without shadow on the highest step. The secret of its effectiveness lies in a molecule contained in our bean: the 5 hydroxytryptophans, which we can call in friendship 5-HTP. This molecule, once it enters our body, is able to trigger the production of serotonin, the good mood hormone. In addition to mood, serotonin also acts on nervous hunger and sleep regulation. Other than good humor, this hormone is the elixir of happiness, isn’t it? Given its high power on mood, it is normal for brains around the world to be more and more interested in this plant and have tested its effectiveness. In a study * carried out on people suffering from mild depression, Griffonia was as effective as some antidepressant drugs!
  • Jujube: this is another remedy that drives out anxiety you may not have known. We are talking about the much-loved jujubes! He thinks that the relaxing powers of the seeds of this small fruit were already known in traditional Chinese medicine. What to make jujube so special? Jujube seeds are able to decrease the activity of the central nervous system by acting precisely on those biochemical brain substances that, if too many and left free to roam, cause agitation, insomnia, and anxiety. That’s why it says: “Being in a jujube broth!”
  • Melissa: the most famous plant when we talk about anxiety. We like everything about lemon balm. From the leaves, rich in essential oils that give it a very pleasant scent, to the smaller components that we do not see but that play the real game against anxiety. Its calming effect is so versatile that it can be used in various situations, even different from each other, but which always have anxiety as a common denominator. Its uses range from headaches to digestive disorders, nausea, colitis, and menstrual pain.

A study ** published in Med Health wanted to test the effects of lemon balm on a group of adolescent girls. The experiment included two study groups: one was given a lemon balm preparation while the other a placebo. After three months the girls who had taken lemon balm (attention, the girls didn’t know if they were taking lemon balm or placebo) said they felt calmer, less agitated and saw an improvement in sleep quality as well.

  • Hawthorn: hawthorn is the friend of the heart! Its effects are well felt at a generic level but those who suffer from palpitations and tachycardia will find unsurpassed help in this plant. As effective as it is safe! Think hawthorn is a plant suitable for everyone, even children and the elderly :). The secret weapon of the hawthorn are substances that can in one stroke on the strength of the ability of contraction of the heart and at the same time adjust any alterations of the beat. What portent!

Natural calming: how to recognize them in supplements?

Now that we have put the best anti-anxiety plants in our pockets, we go even more into practice and we understand how to get around the market for the supplements they offer. Before continuing with a small premise: you don’t have to choose just one of the plants you’ve just read … Why we tell you in a while!

Imagine the scene: you are in herbal medicine or you are surfing the internet and find two supplements based on Griffonia. Which one to choose? How to really understand which is the most effective? The make-up, as always, is not immediately visible but it is enough to train the eye and it will be enough a few seconds to understand if we are talking about quality and therefore effectiveness. Just read the labels and you won’t have any doubts. The best supplements are those that use titrated dry extract plants. The titration is indicated in the ingredients list and is a sort of guarantee seal; what makes us understand that what we have in our hands (or in front of our eyes) is a supplement of real and sure efficacy. So always watch out for quality!

Every promise is an obligation and we conclude with what we anticipated a little while ago: find all the plants we talked about, together in the form of a dry extract titrated in Relaxation Mind, the Salugea supplement designed to combat anxiety and stress, without having to risk to have that sense of stunning that is easily found when we use a non-natural sedative. Nothing but jujube broth. From today you can say you are in a broth of relaxation!

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