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My time in an instant

A moment is an infinitesimal fraction of time. Its brevity makes it imperceptible, unlivable, intangible and therefore apparently almost non-existent. Yet it has a duration, therefore it is measurable, it counts and counts in itself and for the effects it determines on things and people.

Drop in the ocean of existence, it represents nothingness in the whole, but at the same time the everything in the nothingness of a life.

The occurrence of phenomena and the succession of events, in fact, occur at a precise moment, similar to the others in form, different from the previous and subsequent ones in substance because it starts the story. In this way, it becomes a point to mark the end and the principle in intervening, unconscious and small, between past and future, modifying the way of perceiving the flow of time.

It is therefore important to seize the moment in which it manifests itself and live it intensely throughout its duration to make it eternal.

I mean that the perception of time, which inexorably advances in its pace, rhythmic and monotonous, undergoes a transformation on the part of those who manage to internalize one of their own styles. So among many, countless instants, united like the links of the same chain, there is one that makes a change possible. His epiphany marks its existence and identifies it as unique and unrepeatable compared to the others.
It exists in power even before it takes place, long awaited in its becoming and continues to live in the coming and going of the memory, similar to the wave that repeatedly crashes against the cliff, with different intensity and duration, and then returns in the arms welcoming and protective of the sea. That’s why it’s infinite. And above all, it belongs to those who choose it among many, preferring it to cover it with a particularity: being beyond time, no longer being in time, no being time.

Extrapolating it from the context allows it to be re-born every time we think about it, talk about it, feel it and re-live strong, enriching ourselves with the time we dedicate to it. In return, it arranges itself as a kaleidoscope of sensations that make energy.

His being in us supports us in the pursuit of days, which become months and years and try to blur their perception, overshadowing what remains in the memory. But it, vivid, resists, insinuating itself, luminous, into the sometimes dark meanders of the present because they acquire a different fold, a different line.

Its debut is crucial because it allows the desire to be realized, the imagination to materialize, the feeling of acquiring a material form and the “thing” from a small becomes large, taking root in the instants to follow.

Motionless motor, that moment, over time, becomes life, continuing history in its alternation of presence-absence, light and dark, reality and fantasy.
And even when the time of existence has concluded its course, that moment will continue to be in those who have known how to love it, preserving it against all forms of oblivion.

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