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Monotony of students

“Most of life is so monotonous that there is absolutely nothing to say about it, and the books and speeches that describe it as interesting are forced to tread on, hoping to justify their existence.”

–Edward Morgan Forster

The life of every boy / girl who takes the commitment of school seriously can be more or less similar to that of all the others. with friends, spending some time with family members or being with the girl / girl. As long as the person keeps busy everything is fine, but can encounter problems including: monotony. You always come to a certain point where when you go out, when you do anything that you might have enjoyed before now it gives you a sense of boredom and a strange feeling of tiredness begins to assault you.According to many scholars, life must be subjected to constant changes, in order to maintain a stable balance is The best method is to take advantage of the time available without planning, open up to various ideas without commitments, begin to consider possibilities that we normally do not notice or that seem not to given to us.

Theoretically there are many methods to defeat monotony, but the truly applicable ones can be counted on the fingers of the hands, there are also those who think that starting to follow religion a little more can be a good remedy, trying to change one’s mentality. to receive new stimuli.In general it can also be useful to seek new friendships, attend recreational areas, spend some time away from home, and so on.People think that filling their lives with commitments will never get bored, others think that with a little more free time and dedicating oneself to interests and passions is better lived, so the concept is that it depends on the philosophy of life of each of us.

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