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He was born in 1840 and died in 1926. he Arrives in Paris where he meets Pissarro and becomes a friend of Renoir; together they will go to paint in Fontainbleu, a wood where they begin to paint landscapes, also Renoir often took him to the Louvre to copy the paintings of the masters, the story tells that Monet was distracted and painted landscapes.
He leaves Paris in 1820, the period of the Franco-Prussian war and moves to London; he will return to Paris at the end of the war and will live in Argentil, a town on the Seine, where he begins to paint glimpses of water; he gets a boat built to get on and paint.
In 1883 he moved to Giverny where he built a Japanese-style garden with water lilies; his painting becomes less and less precise, there is a mixture of elements; some critics say he was reaching for abstract art, others that he was suffering from cataracts. He will remain until his death in Giverny.
Cèzanne says of him: “Monet is only an eye, but my God, what an eye!”
Grenouiller“: (pond of frogs) his brushstrokes are fast, to capture the moment, and different (they change direction depending on what he wants to represent: vertical grass, horizontal water). Women, men and trees are represented in spots. There is the total abolition of perspective, the painting is as if it were open, the image is cut, the painter stops a fragment of what he sees but in reality the space continues (cinematic cut).

Pioppi”: when his interest in the repetition of subjects in different hours of the day and light conditions became more and more accentuated; he shot the subject several times at different times.

Sheaves”: He also makes a series of paintings of these taken at different times of the day.

Cathedral of Rouen”: represents the cathedral (in Gothic style), produces 50 canvases from his apartment on the first floor because the square is too small; he changed canvas every 15 minutes.
The light almost crumbles the material, the cathedral seems to almost break; he cuts the bell tower. The subject is not important but the study of light. (Courbet had taught the Impressionists not to fear any subject).


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