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Milgram experiment

The Milgram experiment was conducted by psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1963 and was repeated even after a few years. Participants in this experiment think they are part of unmovable university research studying the effect of punishment on learning. This experiment requires the presence of three people: the researcher, the actor and the subject to be tested. The latter and the actor must draw the role that will be assigned to him, between the teacher and the pupil, but the draw is rigged to ensure that the actor has the role of the pupil.

The researcher then shows the teacher that the pupil will be tied to the chair and will wear a bracelet from which an electric shock will come. The teacher in the next room will have to ask the student a series of multiple choice memory questions. Each time he fails to answer, the teacher will give him an electric shock whose power ranges from 15 to 450 volts, and the power increases in proportion to the number of wrong answers. When the pupil makes a mistake, the teacher will think he is really giving the shock but the pupil will not receive anything, it is just a staging. At a certain point in the experiment, the teachers ask the researcher for clarification on the state of the pupil, but he always replies that this experiment is not harmful and that it must continue. Some, despite the reassuring words of the researcher, no longer want to continue the experiment, while others continue, even if undecided, to the end. In fact, Milgram’s purpose is to understand whether or not the teacher will ask to stop the experiment or will continue only because someone else has told him to do it. Eventually, all participants were told what the real purpose of the experiment was and that the whole story of the quake was a sham. Milgram’s result was not as expected by the organizer, in fact over half of the attendees had come up with a 450 volt shock and this was the same result that occurred when they played it. Therefore it was found that most people would harm others just because they were ordained by someone with authority.


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