Memento: 10 things you don’t know about the movie

Memento is one of the films that has made the history of world cinema and which has helped to launch the brothers Christopher and Jonathan Nolan in Olympus, capable of captivating their audience with cunning and talent.

This film, which keeps the viewer glued to the screen for its entire duration, tries to show the viewer the point of view of the protagonist, placing a reflection on the value of memories and their meaning.

Here are ten things to know about Memento.

Memento movie

  1. The protagonist’s illness really exists. The medical condition experienced by Leonard in the film is a real disease called Amnesia Anterograda and which consists in the inability to form new memories after damage to the hippocampus. During the 1950s, doctors treated some forms of epilepsy by removing parts of the temporal lobe, causing the same memory problems.
  2. The film is based on the story of Jonathan Nolan. Christopher Nolan’s script was based on the story written by his brother Jonathan and titled Memento Mori. In any case, the script is to be considered original because the brother’s story was published after the film was completed.
  3. Sammy’s test is a real case study. The test that is done by Sammy Jankis and that involves electrified objects, is based on a real-life case study on a patient, commonly known as HM, who suffered from the same form of amnesia after surgery for a form of severe epilepsy.

Memento meaning

  1. Nolan explained how to approach the film. The director of the film himself explained that this was done trying to narrate it from the point of view of the protagonist who, suffering from amnesia, remains in the dark about a lot of information and the same happens, therefore, to the viewer. Here, therefore, the film splits into two timelines, one in color that temporally goes backwards and one in black and white that does the opposite.
  2. The value and sense of memories. A film like Memento, decidedly intricate and completely different from the classic story, basically tries to work, and to emphasize the value and sense of memories, a way to investigate the inner and complex universe of man, the his emotionality and his mnemonic abilities.

Memento streaming

  1. Memento is available in streaming. Anyone wishing to see Memento for the first time or review, can do so as it is available on various digital streaming platforms such as Google Play and iTunes.

Memento trailer

  1. A magnetic trailer. Before watching the film, it is advisable to take a look at the trailer so as not to miss a moment of suspense. And, in order not to really miss anything, why not take a look also at the honest trailer?

Memento cast

  1. Stephen Tobolowsky suffered from amnesia. During his audition for Sammy, the actor mentioned to Christopher Nolan that he personally experienced amnesia. A few years earlier he was given an experimental pain reliever that induced amnesia for a surgery he had undergone. Tobolowsky admitted that this may have helped him get the part.
  2. Guy Pearce lost weight for the film. To make Memento, Guy Pearce had to go on a diet. In fact, the actor before the film weighed about 104 kilos, managing to lose weight gradually before shooting.
  3. Brad Pitt was interested in acting in the film. It seems that Brad Pitt the actor had expressed a strong interest in Memento, so much so that he wanted to act there. In the end, when he had to give up on the project due to other commitments, Nolan did not consider any other “Serie A” actor for the role of Leonard, realizing that there were many talented but functional high budget actors of the film. That’s why Nolan had been very close to writing Aaron Eckhart, and then giving the part to Guy Pearce.

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