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Hey guys for today’s post I want to share with you some, finally, good news. The environment, in general, it has been a very popular argument this year and it’s good to see that also some big chains such as McDonald’s are becoming more and more aware about their environmental footprint. Of course, we do not know if their intent is completely sincere, but it is still a gesture that we must support and encourage!

If you have any other good news or you just want to talk to somebody please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section down below!

The McDonald’s fast-food chain has long been trying to make its customers aware of the use of disposable plastic straws, which – after being used – are thrown away without being able to be reused. Furthermore, the plastic is very difficult to dispose of and, by reducing its use, the chain is helping to protect the environment.

The solution seems to be to completely abolish the use of plastic straws and switch to recycled paper products. Some countries, such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, will adopt this policy as early as September. Meanwhile in the world more and more McDonald’s serve (almost always) drinks without straw!

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