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During the 1500s in Rome under the pressure of artists such as Pontormo, Rosso Fiorentino, Giulio Romano, the certainties of the figurative language developed by the previous artists began to crumble, giving way to new modulations and the triumph of “manner”, that is, of style, with the contamination of classic elements, modern quotes and personal changes. This fruitful season is interrupted with the sack of Rome, the artists who worked for Pope Clement VII are dispersed throughout Italy going to the service of the courts, thus that artistic language called “Mannerism” (not homogeneous depends on the characteristics of the different artists, however present throughout Italy).

Initially this term defined the activity of artists from the death of Raphael to the beginning of the Baroque, but it must be considered a much more circumscribed period because in this long period of time there have been various phenomena. In 600 it was considered by critics in a negative way because it was characterized by an empty representation of the models of the past, it repeated patterns already experienced and did not have nature as a model. While modern critics have re-evaluated it, attributing to these artists the desire to overcome the past, leaving the classical schemes made of naturalism.


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