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Malinowski Bronislaw – Vision of culture as an “anthropological response” to biology

According to the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinoski, culture must necessarily be connected to the needs of mankind, therefore, consequently it must be sought through the function that culture must “fulfill”. There
culture is in fact the set of responses to natural human needs, organized and “Commanded” by societies, which can vary from one culture to another. It may prove useful, in fact, to pause to analyze the artefacts produced by a culture and the meaning they have within the context they belong to. For example, the excavation stick has the same shape and size for all types of society, but the type of use in the various cultures changes according to the context in which they are placed. Another equally valid example can be the one proposed by Malinowski himself; the bow. The population of Venezuelan Yanomami in fact used the bow as a suitable tool for fishing, while in New Guinea that same tool was used both as a weapon and as a “Tool to chase away spirits”, while, otherwise, in India it was used for ritual of hunting bison herd.


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