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Holidays are made of rest and relaxation: finally, you can disconnect from the usual routine and you can enjoy the sun, a walk or an ice cream in the company of your family or friends.

What to do on the beach with children

If you are on vacation with your family and there are children, boredom will certainly be the least of your problems: after spreading plenty of protective cream on everyone, you too can go back in time and build sand castles or look for special shells on the quay.

A must on our beaches is the game of marbles: a great classic that fascinates young and old! Between circuits full of curves and obstacles, fun is guaranteed. This game is suitable for children of 4 years or more given the small size of the marbles, but even the little ones can play with them, just replace the glass balls with larger plastic balls. There are different types of games to play with marbles but the most famous is certainly the competition in a circuit with curves, dunes and obstacles.

What to do on the beach with friends

What day at the beach is it without a good game of beach volleyball? At our beach we have set up the field to allow everyone to play and we also organize tournaments! You and your friends split into teams and start dribbles and dunks… only one rule applies: play for fun!

Among the many things to do on the beach, a game of beach tennis is also a way to have fun with friends! You can use the beach volleyball court for a challenge to the last bounce or play on the water’s edge with the water that caresses your skin to stay cooler. Fundamental rule to respect: pay attention to the other guests of the beach so as not to disturb those who are enjoying the sea in a different way from yours.

Not into team sports? Take a long walk on the shore, your tan will thank you! And when you get back under the umbrella, take out the cards for the inevitable games of trump and rubamazzetto.

… And in the evening?

After a day spent under the sun between games and swimming, is your desire to be on the beach still great? Well, because the nightlife in a seaside resort is very lively! Especially during the summer season, numerous beach parties are organized under the stars: get ready to dance by the sea!

As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do on the beach!


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