Kuroko’s Basket: Extra Game – Review

Just a short time ago we analyzed in detail the complete work of Kuroko’s Basket, the latest work by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, a very interesting Spokon who managed to satisfy us almost completely. Today we are here to see what its mini spin-off, Extra Game, is able to give, bringing together the entire Generation of Miracles for one last time, to face a team on the star card.

Are you ready to start the first half of the most anticipated game?

As mentioned above, Extra Game is a two-volume spin off, where the Generation of Miracles will be reunited one last time, together with the presence of some extra figures who have distinguished themselves in the main work, to face the Jabberwock, an American team composed by great talents with a physical structure out of the ordinary. Only for this time we will see everyone working together, with the common intent of taking down a very dangerous enemy, in terms of skill, swagger and braggart, all putting only the flag of the “good” side.

Finally we will be able to see two teams in action that are beyond any skill scale, with spectacular and at times “inhuman” maneuvers, as we were used to in the events of the Winter Cup; a fight not to be missed for any reason.

Given the structure of the spin-off, we think it is almost insignificant to talk about the plot, given that it is summed up in the single game, accompanied by a short prologue, where we can see the brazenness of the American team, capable of defining “monkeys undeserving of playing basketball” anyone who gets crushed by their skills, infuriating Kuroko, as it is an ideology that brutally crosses over with his way of seeing this sport. From here verbal and physical clashes will follow each other for a few pages, ending up regulating everything on the playing field, where many stars will battle to give a show never seen before.

Although the start in volume one is decidedly slow, given that it contains the pre-game and how it all begins, the second manages to make up for the “lost time”, giving us pages full of constant action and adrenaline. In these it is possible to see how the excessive power Jabberwock is incredible, such as to be more than once in clear superiority, forcing our heroes to use all their cards from the beginning to be able to check it.

A negative point of how it is told is contained in its obvious outcome, where the protagonists constantly exceed their limits to overwhelm the fate of the meeting, leaving aside one of the most interesting powers seen in the final arc of the main work, which which has definitely left us with a bitter taste.

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