“Kuroko no basket”, an engaging anime about sports and basketball according to Kuroko

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today I’m talking about “Kuroko no basket”, also known as “Basketball according to Kuroko”, a sports anime focused on basketball, consisting of three seasons of 25 episodes each, for a total of 75 episodes plus various oav and extra, that really fascinated me. The anime first aired in Japan in 2012 and ended three years later, in 2015, with enormous success; you can find it on the web in its original language with English subtitles. The related manga by Tadatoshi Fujimaki consists of thirty volumes.


Kuroko is a member of the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles,” and although no one seems to really know him, the top five players on the high school team consider him the best basketball player. When he joins the team of his high school, the Seirin, everyone is surprised to see that the boy is small, thin and weak … what is the secret that has made him so famous, and thanks to what skill he will be able to help his team ?

Kuroko no basket ”was a crazy discovery. It never happened to me to watch an anime so exciting and engaging since the time of the famous “Death Note” and I’m still amazed now. You may think that kuroko no basket players are exaggerating yoko’s cups, but that’s not the case. From the first two episodes it was clear to me that I would have liked the anime very much, even if I am not a person who likes to look for sports stories, because they were particular, different from what I expected, and they had managed to transmit energy and enthusiasm to me, but it was only with the end of the first season and the beginning of the second that I vanished of the present time, to be sucked into Kuroko’s. An anime that manages to let the characters enter the events, to bond with them, to make them suffer and rejoice continuously, has done the best it could do.

Kuroko is a young player who goes beyond his means to help his new basketball team, Seirin, beat all the other strongest players out there and become the best in the country. Kuroko has a goal: to get to face the high school teams where his old teammates from the average Teikou play, then known as “The generation of miracles”, Aomine, champion in speed, Midorima, shooter at incredible distances, Murasakibara, central with unprecedented power, Kise, perfect copier, and finally Akashi, kagami and kuroko – the cups of charismatic and insidious yokostratega, to make each of them understand, beating them for the first time on the field, that basketball unites and does not divide as it is happened to them, and that talent alone does not guarantee victory.
“Kuroko no basket” is not an anime that you just watch, like most of the others, it is an anime that is somehow lived, it is a long path of growth, friendship and improvement in which the viewer participates. The story, while not aiming at realism, but at a fantasy basketball, at a game that in real life is not possible, since the protagonists all have some special power, an extraordinary talent that makes them almost monsters, and several times they seem to be endowed with unearthly magic, it is at the same time credible and holds up well; the kuroko quotation-letazzine of yokorelations between teammates, the rules of the game, the teams, the desire to win and the burning defeat are realistic elements well studied and managed. If the anime showed simple basketball games with nothing exceptional or strong, it would be boring and devoid of psychological impact. Instead, the beauty of “Kuroko no basketball” is that it borders on the imagination of its creator, into the impossible, remaining a vision that transmits the true passion for team sport and basketball, even to the spectator who was not passionate in the beginning, like myself.

Its greatest strength, in addition to a targeted and in-depth characterization of the characters (of each you discover the strengths and weaknesses, through flashbacks on the past, and the moments in which they met), to a graphics with attention to detail and colorful, to excellent music, and to a fast-paced fast-paced plot, it is the protagonist of the series, from which the anime takes its title, namely Kuroko. Kuroko Tetsuya is not the classic protagonist of a sports anime, he is not a copy of Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk, (anime spokon with whom one is inclined to make comparisons, but that’s another thing), he is instead an atypical protagonist and absolutely original, which makes him very interesting compared to the rest of the characters. Kuroko is short, and does not have the physical ability or technique to be a champion, he is apparently anonymous and destined not to shine as a player, however thanks to Akashi, a guy who can identify talent in people, he finds only one way his to excel, leading the team to victory through his natural tendency to be invisible, his skill in observing and his precision and speed in passing. Kuroko is a guy who loves basketball from the bottom of his heart, and who believes in the value of team play, rather than the skill of the individual player. He joins the Seirin High School basketball team, which he attends, because he notices that the various members are not monsters of skill, like those of his Teikou middle school basketball team, of which he was a part as the sixth ghost man, but they are very close and they play with determination and fun to win honestly. Kuroko realizes the great potential of one in particular of them, Kagami Taiga, and decides to become his shadow on the field, to then get to beat the high school teams where the members of his old basketball team play, all become arrogant, full of himself and unhappy.
kuroko no basuke wallpaper-the cups of yoko The team of the Teikou middle school “Generation of Miracles” was led by Akashi, the one who directed Kuroko towards the realization of himself as a player, a rich, cold and fearful boy, incredibly able to foresee and guess the opposing strategies, now captain of the Rakuzan high school team, for some time the absolute leader and unbeaten in the national tournament of the Winter Cup. Akashi (fuchsia hair) is the last of the players of the “Generation of Miracles” to be presented in history, the it is only known in the third season of the anime and it is noted that it is a tough nut to crack, making all the other members appear, Kise (blond hair), Aomine (blue hair), Midorima (green hair), Murasakibara (lilac hair) of the nullity in comparison. Akashi has leadership skills, he wants to dominate everything, but he can’t control Kuroko, whose talent and determination are outside his prediction scheme and so has to deal with everything he believed in up to that moment. . The other players of the kuroko akashi and taiga-the cups of yoko “Generation of Miracles”, also have to deal with Kuroko’s style of play, extraordinary and impressive, which creates invisibility and confusion on the field through the technique of “misdirection”, originally used by magicians as a trick to divert the viewer’s attention, and which always evolves into new effective variants, never used before by a basketball player.

Despite the amount of beautiful and good characters in the story, my favorite naturally remains Kuroko, for whom I was thrilled every time he invented a new game technique, cunningly beating one of his old teammates, giving him an unprecedented moral slap. . Kuroko is cute and docile in appearance, but his true nature is, on the contrary, combative and ambitious, he has good feelings of revenge and his specific talent is out of the ordinary. Besides him, akashi basket – yokomi’s cups really liked Aomine, Kise and Akashi, while there were two hateful characters, the one from the cheating team and the violent one who was part of the “Generation of Miracles” before Kise arrived. I’m sorry I have already finished the episodes of “Kuroko no basket” (I took them out in a flash, yet they were 75 …) and I really hope there will be a fourth season sooner. Whether you are an anime fan or not, whether you like basketball or not, try to watch this anime instead of others, because it deserves it!


In the manga, the names all have an important characteristic. The names of the five members of the generation of miracles have in the surname the kanji (or Chinese character) of the person who represents them. In particular:

  • Akashi Seijurou (赤 Aka = Red)
  • Aomine Daichi (青 Ao = Blue)
  • Kise Ryouta (黄 Ki = Yellow)
  • Midorima Shintarou (緑 Midori = Green)
  • Murasakibara Atsushi (紫 Murasaki = Purple)
  • Kuroko Tetsuya (黒 Kuroko = Black)
  • Momoi Satsuki (Manager of Teikou 桃 Momo = Rosa)

Of all, Kuroko is an exception, who despite having the character of the black color in her surname, has blue hair (a simple whim of the author). Other names with the color font within the surname are the former Teikou average team member, Haizaki Shougo (灰 Hai = Ash, used to indicate the color gray) and the former Teikou captain, Nijimura Shuuzou (虹 = rainbow) .

Another cute curiosity is the one that sees the author wanting to draw a manga for boys, but which has attracted many more girls (who have created an impressive yaoi fandom)

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