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There are so many reasons why a person travels. For example, there are people who travel for work. Others emigrate from one country to another because they hoped to make a better life. Then there are those who travel for pleasure, to visit places where adventure never fails.
Some people travel the world to learn new languages ​​and see places other than where we live. Precisely for these reasons, not all trips are the same.

Each for a different purpose. Those for work can sometimes be tiring and it is necessary to know the language of the country in which they have to work.
people traveling for work can be: airline crew, on a cruise ship, for travel agencies, etc. Sometimes it happens that some people have to change their lives in order to work.
In recent times tourism has grown a lot thanks to new technologies that allow you to move much faster than a few decades ago. In fact, by plane it is now possible to move from one place to another wherever you want and the most popular tourist destinations are beach holidays and cities of art like almost all the capitals of the world. The bathing areas are chosen because they offer the possibility to relax, have fun and discover truly beautiful seas. Instead the cities are visited by those who want to discover the past of different places in the world and to expand their culture.
For some time, many students have been traveling abroad to study the language of that country; it is called a study trip where the student is hosted in a college or with families and tries to speak and understand that language. In addition, if they are in a city of art, they can also visit it. In addition, traveling you get to know many new people but also their traditions, customs and habits.
In my opinion there is also another “category” of travelers. I think of all those living in poor countries such as those of Africa or India, where wars are underway between ethnic groups that lead to hunger and disease that force a person to undertake journeys of “hope” on battered boats that often sink in the middle to the sea before arriving at your destination. Depending on the type of trip, there are different attitudes on the part of the person who deals with it. Those who emigrate feel fear because they do not know how and when the crossing will end, they also feel concerned about how they will be received by the host country, if they will find a job, if they will be able to integrate with the customs of the place.
On the other hand, for those who travel for pleasure the sensations are very different, sometimes even exciting thinking about all the beautiful things that are to be seen around and traveling becomes a real “fun” especially if you leave with a group of friends.


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