John Wick 3 – Parabellum (2019)

The universe of John Wick does not stop and returns more devastating than ever, in an elusive crescendo. We had left him at the Hotel Continental, sentenced to death for committing a murder in the free zone, with his dog, a seal as a way out and a size of 14 million dollars.

We find him, more fit than ever, running wildly, with his gait dangling in the streets of an even more imaginative New York with ghostly and demonic contrasts, between the saturated lights of the limelight and the memory of the ancient glories.

A hyper-realistic story with a present vein of self-irony, where redemption is combined with revenge and the most famous “man in black” of cinema who knows how to fight to the death begins to feed and strengthen with the human side and the memory of his wife , until he finds himself.

To accompany him on his journey, randomly appear old and new characters, starting from a theatrical Anjelica Houston with a gaze and the Mephistophelic gait, to a cameo by Boban Marjanovic (one of the highest players in the NBA) who engages in a fight with the protagonist in a small bookshop, in Halle Berry, who wanted and strongly chose this role, in athletically performing scenes together with his animal friends, his two dogs, who in reality turn out to be John Wick’s best friends.

John Wick Parabellum: the tension that runs on the blades

A dizzying speed slalom between gangs of Chinese and Russian killers who only want his head, in a living and extreme videogame, between glances hovering between Steve McQueen and Bruce Willis, acrobatic deeds and fight dances to make Bruce Lee and Charles pale Bronson with his swinging ax. Wonderfully constructed crystal traps, dialogues reduced to a minimum, with a strong sense of ridicule and against all logic, even hellish.

Duels with blades, sequences in motion and epic chases on horseback with a western flavor in a charismatic New York to act as a stage in the waltz of choreography studied to perfection down to the smallest detail.

Colors that bring to mind a great classic by Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski, the film “Matrix”, but here the action pushes the accelerator into the poetry of a perfect movement, both for men and animals, great protagonists of this film. The ironic vein adds body and thickness to a film with a very high adrenaline rate, which constitutes its driving force, sequence after sequence, in a crescendo of amazement and with a crazy coordination for a truly exaggerated vision.

Spectacular locations, an impeccable and visionary direction between long tracking shots and sequence plans with a transversal and artfully cut assembly make this last work throbbing and capture the attention as in a loop with a heartbeat accelerated to the maximum, following the words of Heraclitus ” what would the world be if there was no struggle? A horrendous and lonely place of death “

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