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Is there true love?

Taking stock of your love life every now and then is useful, to understand where you are going, what was wrong and improve yourself and the relationship, old, new or future

Valentine’s Day and are you alone like every year? Calm down and try to reflect: maybe love has passed you by and you haven’t been able to recognize it? Remember that maybe there are no soul mates, but surely there are two souls who, with great daily commitment, can become compatible and grow in love.

Sometimes the stories end and maybe the fault is also a bit ours, which we have not been able to see, recognize and let go of an impossible story. To find love, look behind you and examine past stories, you will understand where you can not go wrong to find true love.

One-sided love

If it’s on one side, it’s not about love, and the wrong partner often doesn’t have to be announced to us, but we should recognize it on our own, since we are adults! We must learn to distinguish the man who does not do for us from a partner as we really want, instead many women sacrifice themselves in the name of a wrong man, until the chronicle of a suffering (however) already announced.

Did you expect too much?

Here is another type of love that we easily run into and wonder why passions last so little time. Perhaps because we are unable to live what happens after falling in love, unconscious of the fact that we cannot live in a bubble for eternity.
Studies show it, budding love has the numbered months, to be precise 18, the time to get together, procreate and wean a child. Everything else, that is what lasts, is something different, which requires tolerance, empathy and endurance of the other.

“I want to change you”

Another big mistake that we women often make: wanting to turn the man on duty like a sock. These are the falls in which we start with the idea that he “is not how we would like it”, but over time we will change it. But the illusion of being able to change the other is like jumping off a cliff without hang gliding: you fall apart on the ground. And we also add that it is not even fair to pretend to change a person, we have no right to do it.

But then what to do?

But then what is true love? First of all it’s something to build together. Let us assume that we have found the right man, that we have not made a mistake, but we must know that love is not acquired once and for all, we must strive step by step. Above all, one must realize that there are two of us in the discontinuous, slow and powerful flow of love: two souls, but not twins, who walk on the same road.
So if even this Valentine’s Day you are alone, while everyone is celebrating (even if the real party should be every day of the year, too simple to love one day only) instead of crying over you, try to reflect on which men you have invested to date and ask yourself if you really want a love. If so, then you will no longer make the same mistakes, but you will be able to throw yourself into a story that will make you happy.

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