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How to study in hot weather

With the heat and the muggy weather, the thought of reading books and studying can bring even more suffering.
Unfortunately, however, there are entire categories of students who cannot do without it: university students who have exams to catch up in September, high school kids suspended in court, and new graduates busy with university tests in a few weeks.

But if the fear of the approaching test is stronger than the rising mercury column, here are some tips we have thought for you, to overcome this impossible mission.

How to study in the heat: useful tips

Follow our tips to be able to study even in the summer, reaching your goals without stress

Turn off your cell phone

Temptations must be silenced without mercy.
And for this it is not enough to set the phone to silent: the eye could always accidentally fall on the green WhatsApp notification. Treat yourself to an evening outing to recreate yourself and small breaks during the day of study, but try not to overdo it. 10 minutes for each hour studied is fine.

Look for the cool

It will relieve that sense of fatigue that the heat brings. Don’t you have it?
Take advantage of that of libraries and refrigerated places. Otherwise, a solution to deceive the heat is to study in the coolest room of your home, on the terrace if there is shade or even in the garden if you have one. And if in your city there is a shady and quiet park, it could be a good solution: relaxation and study sometimes manage to reconcile perfectly.

Plan your work

It is important to set realistic daily and weekly goals, compatible with activities and habits and also thinking about moments of rest, relaxation and fun. Once done, however, you have to follow it without delay.
Try to make 2/3 hours of study a day, plus 2 hours of review.
Take advantage of the morning

If you cannot take advantage of this wonderful invention, prefer to study in the morning, better if you can take advantage of the first hours for 2/3 hours of intense study. Then rest and instead use the afternoon for a couple of hours of light review.

Study in a group

Ill common means joy, they say. If you know friends in the same condition as you, you can try to share your condition to make it less burdensome. If you have a particularly motivating partner, he or she will help you achieve your goals more easily. If, on the other hand, your friends tend to get distracted, use the study time with them for the review or reading parts, when most of it has already been done.

Get some rest

When it’s time to rest, take your brain off completely. In fact, rest is also important to be more focused when you get back to the books. Get the right hours of sleep every night, and plan to relax in your days for a bit of sea or sport (or both).

Drink abundantly

Warning: only water, fruit juices, drinks containing mineral salts. But remember not to overdo the sugars.

Eat fruits and vegetables

It seems obvious, but repeating it is necessary, because often when we study we are reduced to eating a sandwich and neglect the basic foods for the proper functioning of our body.

Intelligent power supply

Through food we can introduce substances that will help us face the summer study. We are talking about Nicotinamide, or vitamin B3, which is able to fight mental fatigue and stress and Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, which plays an important role in making the most of the energy we ingest with food. We can find these substances in many foods (peanuts, yeast, pork, mushrooms, eggplant for B3, swordfish, chicken, salmon, tuna, tomatoes, melon, blueberry for B5). Often, however, especially for students, it is not easy to follow an optimal diet every day (including sandwiches, pizza …) and it is for this reason that associating a vitamin supplement can be a valid help to better face a day of study.


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