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How to spend time on a long train journey

Sometimes, train journeys are longer and more tedious than those made when taking a plane, so it is always necessary to have something fun to do, especially when you are traveling alone.
The way in which you will spend your time during the long train journey is certainly influenced by the time of day when you face it (day or night) and by the presence or otherwise of other people you know.
In this detailed and interesting article that I explain correctly in the following passages, therefore, I provide you with some important tips on how to spend time during an extended train journey, so that the hours will spend you more quickly and carefree.

  • Podcast

Always keep in mind that you will have to prepare yourself sufficiently in advance of the day of departure and place some things related to the main hobbies in your suitcase or backpack.
If you particularly love podcasts, I recommend you to download episodes on your phone.
Podcasts can truly be your interesting travel companion, but remember to fully charge your phone, so that it can withstand the entire journey: alternatively, you can simply bring your charger.

  • Book

In case you are a lover of reading, before going to the train station from which you will have to leave, choose the book you wish to read and place it in a place that can be easily reached with your hands, in order to avoid opening the suitcase during the long travel: in this way, you will really have the opportunity to find the right company to enjoy yourself effectively.

  • Crosswords and / or sudoku

Another tip I can give you is to bring some interesting boxed games (like the famous “RisiKo!” And “Taboo”) or the simpler “Names, things and cities”.
Of course, you can perform the following fun activity only if you are in the company of someone you know and want to participate in: playing, time will pass you in a more carefree and light way.

  • Food

Another slightly more dynamic idea is that of the crossword puzzles (also called “crosswords”) or of sudokus, which are important to train the mind and make time pass pleasantly.
Since it could happen that you get hungry and thirsty during the long journey, I advise you to bring a snack and at least a refreshing drink, so that you can satiate yourself saving on the purchase of expensive foods on the train.

  • Beverage
  • Boxed game or “Names, things and cities”

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