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How to scrub with sugar

The natural method to properly exfoliate the skin and find it smooth and radiant

To understand if your skin needs a scrub, linger a little in the hot shower. Now rub it with your fingertip at various points and watch those where the skin comes off to form small crumbs. These will be the points from which to start working with our sugar-based compound to eliminate skin that is ready to peel off and moisturize the layer it hides. This beauty routine is also valuable for preventing cracking and dry skin, as well as being mandatory after summer when the skin shows all the fatigue of sun exposure.

Why use natural products

The homemade scrub, which is more delicate than that carried out in specialized beauty centers, can still cause small abrasions that expose our younger skin to the substances contained in the scrub itself. Those that we will use to prepare our sugar-based scrub, do not present any criticality in this sense. But not only. In a careful beauty routine, a light scrub can be repeated once a week, better if on the whole body: doing it at home will allow you to dispose of it in large quantities without spending a fortune.


To prepare a sugar scrub for the whole body, serve a glass of brown sugar, a spoonful of honey and three tablespoons of olive oil. Mix well and divide the mixture into two parts: at this point, you will add half with some coffee powder which is indicated to fight cellulite and still mix well.

How to scrub

For a soft effect, we advise you to use the fingertips that will move on the skin with small circular movements. To intensify the effect instead you can use a cloth or the special brush, to move in the same way as the hands. If you are not satisfied with the treatment, do not repeat the operation immediately afterward as the skin may become irritated. You can do it a couple of days later and so on until you feel your skin perfectly smooth.

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