How to overcome periods of crisis

It is normal for periods of crisis to pass through the life of each of us. Usually, our strength and perhaps the support of the people who love us are enough to overcome them.

however, when the difficulties do not seem to pass and the crisis seems to constitute an unpleasant background music of our life – as well as a deafening and demoralizing noise – one gets the impression of “going in circles”, “going around in circles”, yes maybe they try a thousand solutions but one does not go straight, and you get to ask “why is everything wrong?”

In those moments there is an urgent need for something to change; after having tried them all, it is fervently hoped that things around us will transform: that work will go better, that others behave more kindly, that problems are magically resolved, that solutions immediately materialize; it seems that the only solution to get out of our crisis can come from the outside, independently of us, of our will.

And then we wait, we wait, hoping that something will change sooner or later, while frustration and helplessness become more and more present and pressing.

How to get out of this condition?

Einstein wrote: “We do not expect things to change if we continue to do them the same way. The crisis is the best thing that can happen to people and entire countries, because it is precisely the crisis that leads to progress. Creativity arises from difficulties as the day arises from the dark night. It is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born. Whoever overcomes the crisis overcomes himself without being overcome ”.

When we can’t get out of the chaos to dance towards what we want, it is necessary to suspend our “attempted solutions” to allow ourselves to understand how to transform our crisis into opportunity.

In times of crisis we usually need friends, partners and family to support us, but their contribution is not always sufficient to clarify our ideas and rediscover our potential.

Targeted intervention, such as psychological counseling, can help you focus in just a few sessions on the desires and goals behind the crisis and understand what obstacles stand in your way and how to overcome them. Taking time to reflect and to really take care of yourself allows you to get out of the “I don’t have time trap” which, despite having the admirable purpose of freeing yourself from the crisis, too often ends up exacerbating it.

Distancing ourselves from our everyday life, from the feedback we receive every day from the people in our lives, allows us to cast a new look at ourselves and can lead us to discover resources and solutions that we never even imagined we had.

The road to success is inevitably studded with failure; failures can become the vital thrust to our fulfillment to the extent that we come to rely on those who can understand us, sustain our autonomy and help us redesign our present and our future in line with our desires.

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