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How to overcome fear and treat anxiety states

“People act basically for two reasons: out of love or fear”

– Robin Sharma –

And that’s right, that’s why today I want to talk to you about how fear can affect our lives and why it’s important to know how to deal with it.

Fear is a very strong and present feeling in our society in the form of wars, murders, greed, and mistrust.

This state of social anxiety also affects our lives. And here are the first symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

But what is fear?

It is the lack of confidence in yourself. When you manage to overcome fear, you will begin to trust life and you will begin to believe that life is taking care of you.

In her international bestseller “Feel the Fear … and Do It Anyway”, Susan Jeffers wrote: “If everyone is afraid when they approach something new in their life, but despite this, they take the same action, we can say that the fear is not the problem ”.

I believe that the real problem is not the fear itself, but the way we treat it. Each of us can face fear from a position of powerlessness or a position of power, and then the fact that we are afraid becomes irrelevant.

When a scary thought emerges, in reality, this is just trying to protect you. When you are physically scared, adrenaline flows into your body to protect you from danger and the same thing happens with the fear you produce in your mind.

Try to talk to your fear by saying:

“I know you want to protect me and I appreciate you wanting to help me. For this I thank you “.

Recognize your fears for wanting to take care of yourself.

Observing your fears and facing them, you begin to recognize that you are not your fears.

Think about your fears in how you view images on a movie screen: what you see on the screen is not real. Moving images are just frames that pass in a flash. Your fears will come and go just as quickly unless you insist on keeping them attached to you. Fear is just a limitation of your mind.

Are you afraid of getting sick or finding yourself out of work or losing a loved one or being left by your partner?

Fear, therefore, becomes a defense mechanism. I believe we always have a choice between love and fear. We experience the fear of change, the fear of not changing, the fear of the future and the fear of taking the risk. We fear intimacy and fear of being alone. We are afraid of letting people know what we need and who we are, and we are afraid of letting go of the past. But the mind cannot hold two opposite thoughts simultaneously, and on the other side of the spectrum from fear, we have love.

Love is the miracle we are all looking for.

The belief that you are not good enough is often the basis of your fears. But when you love yourself and accept yourself completely, you can start taking care of yourself and overcome your fears. Do everything you can to strengthen your heart, your body, and your mind.

Turn to power within you. He says: “Everything is fine. Everything is working for my good. I am safe. Love is my strength and only love is real”.

The power is within you.

Before leaving you I would like to tell you a simple and quick exercise that can help you slowly to let go of your fears:

1. Write your biggest fears related to the following topics: family, health, career, relationships, and finances.

2. Ask your fear: what is your positive intent for me?

3. Write one or more positive statements for each fear you listed.

For example: if you wrote, I fear I will get sick and I will not be able to take care of myself, a positive statement could be this: “I always attract all the help I need”.

Tell us in the comments below your relationship with fear and the relationship with love for yourself.

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