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How to make a good impression in public, the advice

Do you know what the features that others evaluate in seconds?

Making a good impression in public is one of the most felt prerogatives of the individual in sociality and in the community. A mechanism that leads us to judge others or to be judged that often does not have many hours or minutes to complete.

It is often the first few seconds that make the difference. In the first few seconds, you meet someone and evaluate them according to different parameters. So what are the first characteristics that others evaluate us?

Make a good impression: what do others notice about us?

According to a Business Insider UK article, there are many aspects, from clothing to body language that contributes to creating the first decisive impression.

The article brought together the results of several types of research on the topic. So he identified at least 3 relevant aspects immediately making a good impression.

These are aspects that unknown people evaluate in seconds. A few moments, however, decisive for the overall judgment.

Here are what these features are:

The status

Wearing designer shirts with brands on the front lines is a sign of a high social status that is readily evaluated by those in front of us. So great attention to the look you adopt in public; speak for you.

The degree of trust

Inhale trust is one of the first characteristics that people value in others. One of the most important qualities. According to a study, the most angelic and smiling expressions and faces help to inspire trust in others.

If you have a dominant character

This aspect concerns more the link between male hair and a male character. In fact, it has been studied that shaved men immediately give an impression of being more dominant and authoritarian.

The smell and its compatibility

According to a study, affinities are also a matter of nose. In fact, someone who smells similar to us immediately produces a feeling of familiarity.

Ready for your debut in society?

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